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Religion is one of the most fascinating dimensions of human life and society. Indeed, the last twenty years have highlighted the impact that religious thought can have on so many aspects of life and society – political, social, even economic. We cannot understand life in today’s globally-connected world without asking the religious and philosophical questions that play into many of the events that impact on all our lives.

The Department of Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies at Liverpool Hope is at the cutting edge of exploring these exciting and exhilarating questions. Our perspective is global, and we are interested in the big picture. Our Department is built around an international team of researchers and teachers who are experts in their fields, and who have developed a series of inter-linked programmes that will equip you with the insight and knowledge to bring to bear in a range of future careers that require engagement with questions of religious belief, thought and identity.

Use thee pages to check out the programmes that we offer. Our theology programmes bring together the classical study Christian thought with a focus on World Christianity. Our philosophy programmes can help you to explore the deep questions of life and morality – and our single Honours Philosophy Ethics and Religion degree will expand your horizon to non-Western philosophical traditions. And of course, if you take Religious Studies with us you will come to a rich understanding of a range of different religious traditions from across the world.

Explore our department website to discover the range of possibilities that we offer – and contact any of us if you want to know more about our research, our courses, or opportunities to develop your own research under our supervision.


National Student Survey 2017

The National Student Survey ( asks final year students at every publicly funded Higher Education Institution (HEI) in the UK to rate their experience by stating to what extent they agree with a set of core questions across a number of categories.

In this year’s results:

  • 100% of students were satisfied overall with Philosophy at Liverpool Hope University
  • 88.89% of students were satisfied overall with Theology and Religious Studies at Liverpool Hope University


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Department Staff
Peter McGrail

Rev Dr Peter McGrail

Associate Professor in Christian Theology and Head of Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies

0046 Dr Andrew Cheatle

Dr Andrew Cheatle

Senior Lecturer in Pastoral Theology

Yazid Said

Dr Yazid Said

Lecturer in Islam

Taras Khomych

Dr. Taras Khomych

Lecturer in Patristic and Byzantine Theology

Dr Deborah Casewell

Dr Deborah Casewell

Lecturer in Philosophy

0098 Dr Patrice Haynes

Dr Patrice Haynes

Lecturer in Philosophy

0116 Rev Daniel Jeyaraj

Rev Daniel Jeyaraj

Professor of World Christianity and Director of the Andrew F. Walls Centre

Dr Gergely Juhasz

Dr Gergely Juhász

Senior Lecturer in Theology and Biblical Studies

Dr Dominika Kurek-Chomycz

Dr Dominika Kurek-Chomycz

Lecturer in New Testament Studies

Simon Podmore

Dr Simon Podmore

Senior Lecturer in Theology

0225 Prof John Sullivan

Professor John Sullivan

Professor Emeritus of Christian Education

0213 Dr Steven Shakespeare

Dr Steven Shakespeare

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

Professor Andrew Walls

Professor Andrew Walls

Professor of the History of Missions

0245 Dom Henry Wansbrough

Dom Henry Wansbrough

Alexander Jones Professor of Biblical Studies

Dr Duane Williams

Dr Duane Williams

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Ethics

Rachel Foster

Ms Rachel Foster

Administrative Assistant for the Centre for Christian Education & Pastoral Theology

0223 Dr Ros Stuart-Buttle

Dr Ros Stuart-Buttle

Senior Lecturer in Theology and Education

Harvey Kwiyani

Dr Harvey Kwiyani

Lecturer in African Christianity & Theology

Lynsey Wilson

Ms Lynsey Wilson

Administrative Assistant