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Aesthetic Brain Research Group

Aesthetic Brain

Aesthetic appreciation is a central aspect of our life. We constantly evaluate the surrounding environment and we establish (often unconsciously) what we like and dislike. Preference for social features (face/body attractiveness) and human-made products (artworks, architecture, fashion and design) has a great impact on our everyday decisions. Research in Psychology and Neuro-aesthetics aims to identify and explain mental and neural processes underpinning aesthetic experience in connection with personal and cultural factors. Current projects also investigate for the first time visual preference in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in collaboration with Autism Together. The impact of this research will be measured in terms of improvement of ASD individuals’ wellbeing by enhancing phenomena of appreciation for the environmental context in which they live. If you wish to receive updates on this projects, please contact Dr Letizia Palumbo.

The Aesthetic Brain Research Group (AeBRG) at Liverpool Hope University is a team of active researchers interested in perceptual and cognitive processes involved in pleasant and unpleasant responses for a variety of visual stimuli (abstract and figurative) as well as in the production of artistic material. We investigate these topics using behavioural and neuroscience tools.

If you are interested in getting involved in our research projects as student or research partner, we encourage you to contact Dr Letizia Palumbo.