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PC Locations FAQ

Where can I access a PC?

PCs are located in a number of rooms and areas around the University, including -

Sheppard-Worlock Library -

Open access PC areas on the first floor.  
Bookable PCs in individual study carrels.
Newly introduced PCs in ground floor rear area.
SWL028 - A dedicated lab for Honours Level Students
4 computers within an Assistive Technology 'CAT' suite
SWL122 & SWL124 are available when not in use for teaching.

Creative Campus -
COR Student Success Zone
Great Hall Balcony
COR104 - when not in use for teaching.
PC within the new Assistive Technology 'CAT' suite

FML building.
PCs are available in the 4th Floor labs when not in use for teaching.

PC open access lab with both colour and black & white printing facilities.