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Password Management




This is the University’s portal facility which provides a single sign on to most of the services used by students and staff. From the Portal, you will be able to access:-

Service Purpose Service Purpose
Moodle Virtual Learning Environment SRM Management of Student Records
Library Resources On-Line books etc Timetable Details of timetabled events
My Careers Centre Careers and employability skills resources  Wireless Printing (Student Only) Print from wireless device in the library
Print Credit Top-Up (Student Only) Use debit/credit card to add to print account Library Room Booking (Student Only) Book a Study Carrell in SWL
My Network Files (Student Only) Access I and H drive from off campus Attendance Details (Student Only) Summary of attendance record
Attendance Management (Staff Only) Analysis of student attendance Student Lookup (Staff Only) Summary of a student record
Web Room Booking (Staff Only) Book rooms for non teaching events Academic Profile (Staff Only) Details of academic achievement
Management Information (Staff Only) Access to e-reporter, SAM etc    

On the Home Page, the Portal also provides quick access to specific information viz  details of the library loan, print credit balance & assignments due for a student and information relating to today’s events, a Notice Board providing important University information, announcements to inform you of important actions you may need to take and Upcoming events

The facility has been designed to be compatible with Apple and Android mobile devices. 

Access MyHope via the University’s main web site www. and click through the student and staff Gateway to MyHope. 



Password Management

You can change your password wherever you have an internet connection by accessing the webpage You can only reset your password online if you have already answered the security questions.

Security questions

When you first change your password you will be asked three questions which enables the self-service password management system.  If you forget your password, click on the forget password link, enter your email address and answer the questions.

Password rules

  • Your password should not be easy to guess.
  • It may not be a normal dictionary word (forward or backward).
  • It must be at least 8 characters long.
  • It may not be based on your username, surname or your old password.
  • You are encouraged to include numbers and punctuation, and mixed case.
  • You cannot use a space or any of these characters: . * : @ | # \ % , ; $ & £ < > +
  • Upper case is different from lower case.
  • The characters in your password should be mostly different.
  • Passwords cannot be all numerical