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Tree iconLiverpool Hope University is committed to enhancing the quality of its environment for its staff and students working and living at the University and the wider community; and aims to manage its operations in ways that are environmentally sustainable, economically feasible and socially responsible.

The University has a key contribution to make through our estate and business operations, through teaching and research, and through influence of students, staff and communities.

We are constantly seeking to make improvements in the way we operate and environmental sustainability concerns are incorporated into all our decisions and actions.  Everyone study, working, living and visiting the University can make a difference and play a valuable part in Living Sustainably at Hope

We aim to raise awareness and let you how you can get involved, to make a positive impact, and help us achieve the aspirational environmental sustainability goals that we’ve set ourselves.

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Our Vision

Liverpool Hope University pursues a path or excellence in scholarship and collegial life without reservation or hesitation and is well positioned to make a key contribution to the opportunities and challenges presented by Sustainable Development through its teaching; research; through influence on students, staff and communities; through business operations; and through the operation of our campuses.  The opportunities and challenges are considerable and dealing with these risks requires both technological invention and behavioural changes. 

The buildings and gardens across the University support the University’s academic ambitions, its community and business engagement programmes.  The University places high value on the quality of its buildings and gardens for the well-being of all its staff and students. We will maintain and enhance high quality Estates that are inspiring, aesthetically pleasing, welcoming and accessible, and provide well-equipped teaching and learning space, using the best technological solutions where appropriate. We seek to encourage our staff and students to create a real community of interaction and engagement on campus turning academic offices into studies and student study spaces into vibrant places for learning. The University provides social space and accommodation that encourage a sense of community and self-development. Our garden campuses are safe and secure spaces in which to learn, teach, research, play and pray. 

Contact Us

Dr Suzanne Moody
Sustainability Manager


Tel: 0151 291 3248

Responsible for:

  • providing strategic direction to the University on environmental sustainability
  • increasing community awareness and engagement
  • managing the University's energy and water consumption, waste and recycling, sustainable travel initiatives
  • working with the Estates, Finance and Catering departments to embed and improve sustainability in campus development (including its gardens), procurement, and catering provision


The University resources sustainability through an annual budget that includes a full-time sustainability manager, and a budget to support sustainability related projects. Projects will also be funded by Estates (as part of their construction, refurbishment and general maintenance programme).