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EDEN Arbour Room

Arbour Room

The Arbour Room is located in Hope Park’s EDEN building in Childwall and forms part of a large space comprising the EDEN Lounge and bar area. Featuring innovative sliding wooden and glass panel walls, the space can be adapted depending on the size and nature of your event. With the panels closed, the circular wooden tables seat up to 72 guests comfortably, or opened up to include the adjoining space, can accommodate 150 guests.

This flexibility makes the Arbour Room the ideal venue for conferences, weddings and other gatherings that require catering.

With a dynamic lighting scheme that can change colour and large windows, it is a bright and airy space. The Arbour Room also adjoins the stylishly designed EDEN Lounge, where guests can relax and take advantage of the laid back atmosphere with its subtle lighting scheme and comfortable yet stylish furniture.


The EDEN Arbour Room has an integrated screen and digital projector. The screen is concealed in the ceiling and can be brought down or retracted as required.

The PC controlling the images on the screen is stored in a movable lectern, complete with microphone and touch screen display.

When the wall panels are open, the 40” plasma television screens situated in the bar and lounge area can be seen and can display the same visual as the screen, enabling guests and delegates throughout the space to watch the proceedings.