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Primary RE

We have created a range of information, guidance and resources that we feel will support you during your first year of teaching and beyond.

Teaching Christianity

Teaching Christianity is a crucial part of our work as teachers as it is still the religion that is taught most in school. To help you develop your subject knowledge further visit RE Online but also RE Quest. This website has recently been redesigned and updated and focuses on not only the beliefs of Christianity but also the affect of them on the every day life of a Christian.

RE Online

The redeveloped RE Online website offers a huge range of materials for those teaching RE in the primary classroom. By selecting the ‘knowing’ tab at the top of the main website (found here) you will find a subject knowledge resource covering core areas relating to the ten belief traditions listed in the non-statutory National Framework for RE as well as Post 16 ethics, philosophy and religion. The belief traditions have been sorted by the Six strands for RE:

  • Beliefs, teachings and sources
  • Practices and Ways of Life
  • Forms of Expressing Meaning
  • Identity, Diversity and Belonging
  • Meaning, Purpose and Truth
  • Values and commitments

All sections the have been written by experts in each area so you can feel confident you are getting up to date and insightful material. Have a search through the other areas too – the section on assessment is particularly helpful by showing examples of pupil work and reasons why it was given the levelled assessment grade it received.

This website is a fantastic and supportive resource where you can develop your confidence in RE. Have fun exploring!

The Catholic Education Service

The Catholic Education Service offers guidance and updates about Catholic education in schools. You may also like to look at the 'Come and See' curriculum for primary RE in Catholic contexts.

Realising the Potential

Through the most recent reports on RE from Ofsted (2013) we know that the pedagogy of enquiry is a key method for exploring RE content with children.

Enquiring Minds offer a range of support materials to give you confidence in planning your own enquiries with pupils to help explore and investigate RE by raising and answering questions.

Take a look here at an example of how enquiry models are working in the primary context.

Learning Experiences

Thinking about how you can bring a range of learning experiences to children, you may want to explore the possibility of learning outside the classroom by organising a visit to local place of worship. Have a look at the LOTC website for guidance and support.

RE Frequently Asked Questions

What other support is available to me?

Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course

The RE team at Liverpool Hope University run an intensive subject knowledge enhancement course with a focus on world religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism) aimed at those who need to top up their subject knowledge for a range of reasons. We often have on the course serving teachers, students looking to apply for secondary RE PGCE courses and non-specialist teachers who are given RE on their timetable who come and develop subject knowledge for confidence for teaching (as a non-specialist). If you would like more details please contact Camilla Cole ( ).

Church Certificate Courses

At Liverpool Hope University we also run Church certificate (either Catholic or Anglican) courses that can be useful to those wanting to teach in a Catholic or Anglican school. Some Catholic schools may insist that a teacher has either completed or is in the process of studying for the CCRS (Catholic Certificate of Religious Studies). The Anglican certificate (CCCCSS) is not as widely recognised as the CCRS however many previous participants have said that it has helped them in securing their first post and promotion too. Contact for information and details.