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The writer's studio

The Writer’s Studio is an extra-curricular activity facilitated by Hope Graduate Theatre Company.

There are weekly meetings where students are invited to bring their original scripts which are read and discussed within the group and then acted out in the studio by professional actors. This allows the student playwrights to see if they wish to change anything about their play and also to discuss staging, costuming and technical requirements. In April of each year the finished plays are showcased in ‘The Festival of New Plays’ which is held at the Cornerstone Theatre.

The Writer’s Studio gives students an invaluable experience of seeing their work in a professional setting. Throughout the process they receive advice about script writing, casting and directorial decisions and get assistance with organising auditions, rehearsals and advertising strategies. They also receive full technical support.

What our students say

"Working with the Hope Graduate Theatre Company and the Writer's Studio was a wonderful intellectually stimulating experience. With the support of the Company and guidance of Dr. Niamh Malone I developed the confidence to see one of my original works through to the end.

Having a group of enthusiastic professionals act out my initial sketches allowed me to see what worked and did not, subsequently leading to the development of my finished play.

The Writer's Studio Showcase was also a wonderful opportunity to practise my directing abilities."

Tasmin Anthonisz 1st Year student

"The writer’s studio finally gave me the confidence and encouragement to write my own piece of work. I'd been thinking about writing for a long time, even sometimes getting a page or two down, before deeming my work contrived and not very good. Everyone in the group was unbelievably friendly and insightful, which immediately created an atmosphere in which I wasn't scared about showing what I'd written. The piece that I produced was very personal, yet it was something that I definitely wanted to be shown to an audience, and if it wasn't for the writer’s studio and the members of the Graduate Theatre Company, I'm not sure if it would have ever been brought to life."

Matthew Thompson, 3rd Year student

"Before the writer's studio I had never heard my work said out loud by anyone other than myself. The cast were fantastic to work with and each individual brought a new layer to my script, character profiles were thickened and the plot was brought to life! As an aspiring writer, I found the writer's studio was an extremely positive and useful experience, enabling me to not only write my own work, but to co-direct it. There is not a script writing course in Single Honours Drama, so it gave myself and others like me a chance to develop on our skills in creative writing. The members of the Graduate Theatre Company have so much energy, they are extremely talented and productive and I feel very lucky to have worked with them!"

Sara Gould, 3rd Year student