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Department of Disability and Education

Centre for Culture and Disability Seminar Series

January 13th 2016 2.15-3.45pm EDEN 036 The unseeing eye: Disability and the hauntology of Derrida’s ghost. A story in three parts. Dr Alan Hodkinson. 
February 10th 2016 2.15-3.45pm EDEN 109 Two Voices and Disability, a Voice of Inscription and a Voice of Re-Constitution. Dr Tom Campbell.
March 2nd 2016 2.15-3.45pm EDEN 109 Unexpected Anatomies: Extraordinary Bodies in Contemporary Art. Prof Ann M. Fox. 
April 20th 2016 2.15-3.45pm EDEN 109 “The President has been shot”: Reagan, Wounded Heroes and the Cyborg Soldier in American Science Fiction of the 1980s. Dr Sue Smith. 
May 26th 2016 2.15-3.45pm EDEN 036 Tales from the Crip: Narrative Reconstructions of the Storyteller’s Disabled Male Body in Contemporary Gothic Fiction. Dr Alan Gregory. 
June 29th 2016 2.15-3.45pm EDEN 109 Voices of Becoming. Ms Laura Waite.