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Disability Gains for the Academy: Exploring Pedagogies in Disability Studies

Friday 15th September 2017 

Keynote Presentation:

The Tripartite Model: Complex Representation for Complex Embodiment

Associate Professor David Bolt, Liverpool Hope University

The field of disability studies is recognised and valued for research and practice across disciplines in the UK and beyond. This symposium aims to explore distinctive approaches to teaching, learning and assessment that have emerged from and with disability studies. It takes place within the context of recent changes to Disabled Student Allowances (DSA), the emergence of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and the mantra of embedding inclusive practice.

Recent work by Rosemary Garland-Thompson, Petra Kuppers, Georgina Kleege and David Bolt amongst others, has sought to exemplify the benefits of disabled students and staff to the academy. This one-day symposium offers an opportunity for those working in the field to share their practice with academics from across the sector through the presentation and discussion of practice.#

If you are interested in presenting work at this event please send an abstract of approximately 250 words to by 4th September 2017.

The event will explore, but is not limited to, the following questions:

  • Who teaches disability studies?
  • Where is disability studies located in the academy?
  • What is the role of embodied pedagogy in teaching and learning about disability?
  • What role does affect play in strengthening pedagogies in disability studies?
  • To what extent do we exemplify the use of universal design in disability studies?
  • How does assessment design resonate with the aims and values of disability studies?
  • How do we prepare students to research disability?
  • Can the writing of accessible texts enhance academic writing in the academy?
  • Can the use of audio-description enhance engagement with learning as first stage semiotic analysis?
  • Can audio description support the development of multimodal forms of learning?
  • What are the benefits of interdisciplinary forms of learning to disability studies?

If you are interested in presenting work at this event please send an abstract of approximately 250 words to by 7th April 2017.

The event is hosted by the department of Disability and Education and the Centre for Culture and Disability Studies at Liverpool Hope University.

For further information please contact Dr Claire Penketh: