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During your time at University, you will need to develop your listening skills. You will need to actively listen during your seminars, learning and processing information about your subjects, whilst taking notes. You will need to engage in your tutorials, discussing and listening to your peers and your academics, building new rapports with others. Take a look at the different resources available on listening skills before you start your undergraduate degree.

Universal class website offers guidance on the three basic listening models and how to effectively use them.

Education corner article about listening skills offers tips and strategies that will help you be a more attentive listener.

Recording your notes website page by Skills for OU Study at The Open University explains how recording your notes can be useful and tips for recording. By recording your notes you can listen to them on the go, whether you are walking home or on the bus or revising for an exam.

You can download an app such as Dragon Anywhere or Supernotes to record classes but you must always ask your academic for permission first.