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Academic Writing Workshops

The workshops are a chance for you to reflect, try new techniques, learn about useful tools and practice writing. The interactive workshops will allow you to share your knowledge, develop your skills and be part of peer discussion.

Over the coming term the mentors will be producing recordings of the workshops they deliver and they will be made available from this page:

Undergraduate Workshops

Planning your writing workshop (running time 18:45 minutes)

The workshop covers areas including analysing the question, methods to generate your ideas, putting ideas into a plan or outline and some tips and resources.  Techniques such as mind mapping and freewriting will be explored.

Structure workshop  (running time 22:42 minutes)

The workshop will explore a series of stages that will help you to develop the  structure of your piece of work. These start with planning and preparation, through how to write an introduction the main body and finally the conclusion.  The mentor will explore techniques which can help such as PEEL and finishes with some tips and advice.

Critical writing workshop (running time 21:35 minutes)

The workshop explores critical reading, thinking and writing which are key to producing a strong piece of academic work.  There will be a comparison of descriptive and critical writing and then sections to explore how to be more critical when you read, think and write.  Tips and techniques including W5H will be shared and the session will end by looking at an example to see how critically it is written.

Reflective writing workshop (running time 15:39 minutes)

The workshop starts  by exploring what reflective writing is and why to use it.  Different forms of reflective writing such as a journal, learning diary or log book are examined.  The workshop also discusses use of first and third person voices and language used in reflective writing.  The session will also look at reflective writing when on a work placement.

Literature review workshop  (running time 11:55 minutes)

This workshop explores the role of reading in the literature review process and techniques for active reading.  It also looks at the different types of literature review, how to structure your review and shares some tips to help you to complete this task. 

Writing your dissertation workshop (running time 22:29 minutes)

Specifically aimed at undergraduate dissertations the woekshop works through the writing of the different stages in your dissertation. These include ethics, what to include, the literature review (there is an additional workshop specifically on this aspect), writing and structure, time management and tips for editing and proof reading.

Postgraduate Workshops

Critical writing and structure workshop  (running time 18:07 minutes)

Aimed at postgraduate students this workshop will explore the basics including structuring individual arguments, how to stay focused on the question, critical writing and the differt types of resources. 

Postgraduate literature review workshop (running time 30:29 minutes)

The workshop explores undertaking a literature review at postgraduate level. It considers what is a litertaure review?, the different types of review, how to structure, the imporance of critical reading and thinking. There is also information on some useful resources and some example paragraps to look at.

Postgraduate dissertation workshop (running time 11:23 minutes)

This workshop looks at the move from writing a dissertation at undergraduate to postgraduate level. Areas explored include the outline and structure for the dissertation, how to research, sources and appendices and how to bring together.

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Help with CV Writing

If you are looking for help to write a CV, practice for an interview or advice on jobs, get in touch with Hope's Employability Hub based on the ground floor of the Gateway Building. Alternatively, log into your Moodle and log into 'My Career Centre".