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Paraphrase: Write it in Your Own Words website page by The Writing Lab & The OWL at Purdue at Purdue University, discusses how to paraphrase correctly and accurately.

Guidance for annotated Bibliographies

Referencing websites

This short video will show how you can use Word to create your references to a specific referencing style and how to compare the references you create to the version used by the University. In this example we are looking at Hope Harvard but you could use this method with other referencing styles.

For more information regarding referencing please refer to the Librarians Information and Guides.


How to avoid plagiarism

The Writing Center at The University of Wisconsin - Madison have created an online guide, with a useful section called The Writer's Handbook - Avoiding Plagiarism, this gives you tips on avoiding plagiarism and gives you more detailed information about paraphrasing and quoting.

Acknowledging resources and paraphrasing

Turnitin tips 

Turnitin Assignment Submission Student Guide

You can also watch our short video below: