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Enter our Writing Mentor Feedback competition by sending in a photo of yourself and your feedback about the mentor service to If you have any complaints, suggestions or ideas that you would like to share with the team, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Please see below for feedback from our students.


One-to-one appointments:

"Mentor was very enthusiastic about my assignment. Helped me structure a plan and offered great guidance"

"Good information about how to critically evaluate the literature"

"Helped me to use academic words rather than everyday words. Gave me useful links for words, sentence starters and referencing"

"Explained everything clearly and made sure I understood it all"

"Everything was very helpful in this session, everything I needed to understand was cleared up"

"I have gained resources which will help me with my academic writing"

"Clear explanation, help with referencing, help with structure"

"Excellent ideas"

"Able to provide resources to help with academic writing. Read over small piece of work, gave guidance and made sure I was on the right path"

"A lot of resources to help with my writing which has made me feel more confident"

"Very understanding. Patient"

"Very helpful, made me feel good and calm about my work"

"A lot of explaining and examples to help me improve"

"Learning how to structure my essays/reports and understanding my previous feedback"

"Very friendly, very helpful and felt comfortable/confident in looking at my work"

"We looked at the structure sheet of an essay and compared it to one that was already written, looking at key points"

"Approachable, digestible, informed and articulate"

"Helpful links were shown to improve my writing style. Discussion on how to link essay points to question"

"Mentor broke down how to write and plan an essay"

"Warm and welcoming"


Feedback about our writing workshops:

"It helped break down the requirements into manageable chunks"

"I felt very relaxed in the workshop and listened to and respected"

"It helped me to see how to improve my work - where I had been descriptive in my texts and how to address that and how to critically analyse"

"Friendly and informal environment and was clear and informative"

"Very informative. Useful links and more relatable from mentors"

"Really helpful helps to get me motivated and in the mood to go and do work"

"It was informal and welcoming"

"The way it flowed and was articulated, it was only a very small group and this made it more user-friendly"

"Very useful for support and planning on booking a 1-1 tutorial slot"

"Helped me understand more how to start an essay"

"Giving us links to useful websites and sources to use. Gave me a better idea of critical writing"

"Points well explained and illustrated. Mentors extremely helpful"

"Really to the point and relevant to our essay. So useful - thank you"

"Well presented, accessible language and information. Useful to see examples and key phrases and websites"

"Was willing to answer questions after which was very helpful"

"Engaging and clear"

"Filled a lot of gaps on how to write essays"

"Great chance to get tips and guides"

"Useful slides and resources I can take home"

"They were very clear about how (the methods) to improve critical writing and thinking in an essay format"

"The handouts are really useful and the workshop was interactive"

"Provided detailed information on dissertations and helpful tips"

"Super insightful on how to structure your dissertation and how to ensure that you are critical in your analysis"

"Able to talk one-on-one about your issues"


Feedback about our exam workshops:

"Helped calm me down. Good revision tips"

"Tactics and helped feel mentally prepared for exams"

"There was a large variety of information and help/tips. Let us know that there is other help available"

"Useful techniques and advice given for exams e.g. revision timetable"

"Clear explanations, friendly, time for questions"

"The tips given were very good for alternative ideas on revision. Also, how you can improve before your exam"

"Well explained, helpful, clear"

"Very helpful and feel like I'm going to use these techniques"

"Lots of great advice, thank you"