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Hello, my name is Melissa and I am currently studying my MA in Education Studies here at Hope. My main interest lies in educational participation and engagement within the arts. As you can guess, I enjoy being very creative and exploring un-traditional methods of teaching outside of the classroom.

This will be my second year as a Writing Mentor, and I really enjoyed working with students from a wide range of subjects last year and guiding them within all areas of their academic writing. I am looking forward to working with new students this year and sharing my experiences of academic writing within higher education.




Hello, my name is Amy and I am currently studying for my MA in Disability Studies here at Hope, having recently completed my undergraduate degree in English Language and Special Educational Needs.  Before starting my undergraduate degree I had not studied for quite some time and did not feel very confident about my academic skills. Attending a couple of sessions with the writing mentors really helped boost my confidence and improve my academic writing, so I am really excited to be able to offer other students the same confidence boost and help them in developing their own academic writing style..



I am currently studying my MA in Popular Music and Society, having completed my undergraduate degree in Music. It has taken a lot of time and hard work to get to the stage where I am now very confident in my academic writing ability and I hope that as a mentor I will inspire students and help them to become confident writers like me. I am passionate about writing and research and I feel that being a writing mentor is very rewarding. Outside of studying and mentoring, I enjoy reading, music, art, football, politics and travelling.




I am currently studying for an MA in History after graduating with a degree in Criminology. Both of these subjects have interested me greatly and I have a strong passion for academic and non-academic writing. A common theme of my marked assignments has been a consistent and strong understanding of academic writing, which I believe will then enable me to help others in developing theirs. Throughout my time at University I have faced many tests with varying degrees of success; yet for all this, I am writing this today, happy with where I have arrived thus far. The point I would like to underline is that it is rarely the case that anyone will go through University without hitting a wall (figuratively… hopefully). As a mentor, I am eager to help guide people not only in developing their academic writing but in understanding that stumbling points are frequent - not fatal. I believe that my academic experience will allow me to help others develop their academic skills, and I hope on a whole to generally be a friendly, understanding mentor.




My name is Kim, and I am currently studying an English Literature MA at Liverpool Hope University. I've previously studied English before at undergraduate level at Hope, and I've chosen to continue my studies after three years in the working world. Being a peer mentor is very rewarding, and I enjoy helping and encouraging students with their studies. I want to become a teacher in the future, and I'm hoping my Masters and peer mentoring will help me achieve that goal. Outside of mentoring and studying, I enjoy reading (from fantasy & sci-fi to Jane Austen), watching football, playing the guitar, and I'm currently trying to learn how to speak another language (German!). I love travelling and seeing new places too, and someday I want to travel the world


If you are interested in becoming a Writing Mentor, please ensure that you are signed up to Hope Works. You can do this by either popping into the employability hub in the Gateway building or email for more information.