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The following new resource is available through the Online Library:

Naxos Music Library

Naxos Music Library takes great pride in welcoming Deutsche Grammophon, Decca and Universal Music Classics to its audio streaming collection. Each with its own specific profile, these fine labels have over many years released legendary recordings of star performers in a comprehensive choice of repertoire. More than 1500 albums are already available on Naxos Music Library and the remaining catalogue will become available over the coming months.

Gregory of Nyssa Online

This trial contains access to the following 2 resources:

Gregorii Nysseni Opera Online is the ultimate online critical text edition of Gregory of Nyssa's works based on all available known manuscripts, introduced with a complete discussion of the textual transmission and accompanied by extensive annotations on the biblical, classical and patristic sources, and indices.

Lexicon Gregorianum Online is the most comprehensive Greek-German dictionary of the language used by Gregory of Nyssa. It is the only dictionary available specifically addressing the vocabulary of late Classical Greek. It documents Gregory's complete vocabulary, taking account of the syntax, meaning and connotations of every occurrence of a key word in his writings. The complete Lexicon Online comprises 10 volumes, totaling more than 13,000 entries.

Trial access on and off campus to these resources is available until Thursday 31st May for all Hope Students and Staff by going directly to their website.

To help us decide whether any of these resources would be useful for Liverpool Hope please send any feedback to

Upgrading from MyiLibrary to Ebook Central

We will be upgrading our MyiLibrary ebook portal to Ebook Central on 28th March 2018. This will improve the way ebooks on this portal are accessed but will give added benefits including:

  • No fee for downloads; full download of ebooks is permitted on every Ebook Central site at no additional charge
  • Ebook Central print and copy limits allowances are 40% for print and 20% for copy
  • A citation tool that quickly cites books and articles in the most popular formats
  • Highlighting in three different colours
  • Page bookmarking
  • The ability to create notes tied to a specific passage or an entire page
  • A bookshelf that lets you easily create and organize your ebook collection
  • Reminders of which ebooks are downloaded or on loan, and how many days you have left to use them

In order to prepare for this platform change please be aware of the following:

Users’ Bookshelves Need to be Re-Created

Users’ bookshelves will not be migrated. The first time you access Ebook Central, you will be prompted to create an Ebook Central including access credentials. Once you log in, you will need to create new bookshelves. It may be worth printing your bookshelf list before the platform change if you want to rebuild it quickly on Ebook Central.

Notes, Bookmarks and Highlights

Users’ who used the bookmarking and highlighting features on MyiLibrary will lose those indications in their ebooks after the platform change. However, notes can be preserved using the following instructions.

How to preserve your MyiLibrary notes

Your ebooks will transfer to Ebook Central, but if you used the bookmarking and highlighting features on MyiLibrary, you will lose those indications in your ebooks after the upgrade. However, your notes can be preserved in books you’ve read online (not in books you’ve downloaded). Here’s how to preserve notes before your library upgrades to Ebook Central:

Step 1: Log in to MyiLibrary.

Step 2: Select “My Account” at the top of the home page, then “Notes” from the drop-down menu. You will see the list of books that have annotated notes.

Step 3: Select the titles from which you want to preserve your notes.

Step 4: Choose to either print your notes or email them to yourself. If you choose to email your notes, you will receive an HTML-based message from that includes the book titles, the page numbers associated with your notes, and the note titles. Also included will be a link to each note page in MyiLibrary, although these links will not be valid once the Ebook Central upgrade is complete.

Access to Liverpool University Press Journals

Online Journals published by Liverpool University Press, including The Journal of Literary and Cultural Disability Studies, will not be supported by Internet Explorer versions 8, 9 or 10 from 31 January 2018. To prevent losing access simply upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 or use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Access to Westlaw

If you are encountering problems logging on to the above databases, please follow the advice on the crib sheets below:

Westlaw access crib sheet?

Literature Online Crib Sheet?

House of Commons Parliamentary Papers

MyResearch accounts are now available on the ProQuest Government Platform. Please instruct your researchers to move their MyArchive account over to a new MyResearch account. Instructions for moving saved searches and documents from your MyArchive to your MyResearch account can be found here. Dual platform access will be available through September to allow researchers time to make the change. We also encourage you to check out the great enhancements to the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers on the ProQuest Government Platform via our helpful LibGuide and on the HCPP Support Centre Landing Page.

Science Direct

With effect from January 1st 2016, ScienceDirect will no longer support Internet Explorer 8. The most recent IE browser version will however be supported along with the latest version of Chrome of Firefox.

Please contact or ask at the Student Support Points if you need any further assistance.

Online Library

Please access Online Library using the link on the Library webpages. Alternatively, if accessing Online Library via ‘MyHope’, use Firefox or Internet Explorer instead of Chrome.

Other common questions

I’m having problems when I try to download the full text of a journal article; what should I do?

It’s a good idea to clear your computer’s cookies, cache and saved preferences, as these have sometimes been the cause of error messages.

To do this in:


Go to Tools and select ‘clear recent history’. Tick everything and choose the timeframe to clear (e.g. a day), then click ‘clear now’.

Internet Explorer:

Go to Tools, and select ‘Internet Options’. Under Browsing History select ‘delete’. Tick everything, then click ‘delete’.


Click on the spanner icon and select ‘Settings’. Click ‘show advanced settings’ and under Privacy choose ‘clear browsing data’. Tick everything and choose the timeframe to clear (e.g. a day), then click ‘clear browsing data’.

Close the browser and then re-enter the online resources.

A small number of students are having problems linking to the full text of an article when using Internet Explorer 9; you might want to try using Firefox or Chrome.

If you are still having problems, call the Library on 0151 291 2079 (ground floor Subject Support Point) or 0151 291 2007 (first floor Subject Support Point).

How do I read ‘MyiLibrary’ and ‘E-Books on EBSCO’ e-books on a mobile device e.g. tablet / smartphone?

‘E-Books on EBSCO’ and ‘MyiLibrary’ e-books are accessed via the Internet, so can be accessed from Online Library on any internet-enabled device.

Some books are in pdf format, so you will need to download a pdf file reader in order to view them (e.g. Adobe Reader).

E-Books from our collections cannot be read on an Amazon Kindle.

I need help using Online Library

Check out the guides or get help from Library staff

Upcoming Artstor Digital Library Feature Changes

Artstor are changing some features which may require you to save some of your work in the Arstor Digital Library. These changes are part of the release of an improved platform that will feature a redesigned interface and streamlined features which will include:

The pausing of the upload and metadata entry functions for Personal Collections between June 1st and early September this year. During this time you will be able to share, download, and save your existing images to groups as usual. However, you will not be able to add new images to your Personal Collection or edit any of the text associated with your existing images.

Uploading of OIV presentations into Personal Collections will be retired. If you need to share OIV presentations with students, please convert them to PDFs. An enhanced option for exporting your OIV presentations to other formats is being explored and will be available soon.

Personal notes and instructor notes are being retired. If you need any information saved in your personal or instructor notes, we recommend copying and pasting this information into your image group descriptions by June 1st.

The citation generator and saved citations will be temporarily removed and added back into the Digital Library after the new release. If you have saved citations that you need, please download them before June 1st.
Saved searches are being retired.

The date filter for search results will be temporarily removed in late May (prior to the release of the new site). It will return, with improvements, as part of the updated site this summer.

Please click on this link to see further information about the changes.

If you need any further assistance please contact

 There is currently no planned downtime on any resources.


Here is a selection of E-Books especially picked for Creative Campus subjects, but don't forget there are a lot more available online and all are accessible via the Library Catalogue. 

New E-Books - Creative Campus (in order to access the e-books from within this list, right click each e-book link, copy and paste into an internet browser)