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Policies and Guidance

Library staff are committed to providing all our users with high quality services and facilities, but we can only achieve this in partnership with you. Please help us to help you to make the most of library services and facilities. This library and learning spaces charter describes the expectations and responsibilities of both parties.

What you can expect from usTo help us achieve this we ask you to
A welcoming environment with a range of study spaces to suit different learning styles

Respect the rights of other library users

Treat learning environments with care and respect

Work in a learning space that matches your study needs e.g. groups in group work or social learning zones and abide by booking system to ensure all students have equal access

Check notices for what you can and can’t do in the learning space you are in

Use the designated smoking areas and not smoke or vape inside or by the entrance to the library

Library staff treat all library users fairly and with respect and courtesy

Provide equality of treatment for all, recognising the differing needs of users

Library staff who are identifiable, and whose contact details are available on the library web pages

Be polite and courteous to library staff and other library users both in person and online

Promptly follow any information provided by staff e.g. in case of fire alarm or building closing

Staff and students should carry your University ID card at all times
Visitors should bring photographic ID

Library staff who work and consult with academic colleagues, to ensure library services match and support teaching, learning and research needs

Access to a range of up to date resources, both online and print, with training and support available to help you find the information that you need

Students should attend the library introduction and all library sessions that are provided to support your course

Staff should attend the library session in the University’s new staff induction programme

All library users should ask if you need help, and take advantage of the advice and support that is available

Respect the resources provided

Information about services and facilities, including changes and developments, through accurate and regularly updated web pages, Facebook and Twitter.

Staff and students should check your Hope email account daily for library communication

Visitors who have borrowing rights should check the email account provided on your application for library communication

Regularly check the ‘My Account’ facility on the library catalogue to keep up to date with your loans, reservations and fines

Ensure your contact details are kept up to date with the University

Regularly check the library web pages and social media options to keep up to date with library news and sign up to Library social media sites

Easily accessible feedback opportunities in a range of ways, including email, online and physical suggestion boxes. We will provide timely responses and where necessary refer to other areas of the University e.g. Estates

Where appropriate incorporate suggestions into our service planning and delivery

Feedback any comments or suggestions to the library and make use of all available feedback opportunities e.g... Students’ Union, Course reps, Staff Student Liaison Committees, Student Sounding Board

Library staff aim to resolve queries when they are raised. However, if this is not possible, you will be provided with the details of the person your question is being referred to and they will respond promptly

Raise any queries promptly

Familiarise yourself with library rules and regulations

A clear Library complaints procedure  
A clear set of rules & regulations which will be displayed on library web pages and in the libraries  
Monitoring of services and facilities to ensure they are developed to meet user needs