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Internal Documents

The University encourages high quality proposals for the funding of research activities. All proposals should undergo internal review before submission, and go through the institutional authorisation process.

The internal review process necessarily varies between departments and type of activity, but the authorisation process is the same across the University, and is operated through the Research Facilitator.

All proposals need the agreement of each investigator’s Head of Department , may also require the Dean’s and VP for Research agreement, depending on the assessed level of risk involved. All research proposals must be accompanied by an Internal Approval Form. Externally-funded research activity is usually subject to terms and conditions, whether standard terms (e.g. Research Councils, charities, some government-funded work), or individual terms (e.g. industry and some  Government  work).

The University, through the Research Facilitator, reviews funder standard terms as  necessary, and has a set of standard contractual Agreements for a range of activities (e.g. research, IP, materials transfer,  and service provision)  or use in negotiation. The key elements within  a research  agreement are: the ability to publish (or submit and examine a thesis for a studentship); indemnity and warranties; ownership and use of intellectual property (background and  foreground ; confidentiality;  and price and payments. 

Research activity, however funded, that involves human participation, data or tissues requires ethical approval before it can start. Approval can only be given by a recognised research ethics committee.

Internal Documents - Faculty Research Committee 

Staff can apply for funding from the Faculty Research Committee (FRC) using the form below.