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Health and Safety

Liverpool Hope University is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all staff at work and of students, visitors and others by continuous improvement in standards of health and safety.

Ultimate responsibility for health and safety rests with managers and the well-established systems of risk assessment remain the cornerstone of the management of health and safety.

An equally important element is the system of Safety co-ordinators. Safety co-ordinators are dispersed across the University and act as 'eyes and ears' on the ground to assist with the University’s compliance with health and safety legal obligations and to ensure that everybody is working in a safe manner and environment.

Full details can be found in the University's Health and Safety Policy.

Fire Safety is an important element of the management of health and safety at the University. This responsibility is shared between the University Secretary’s Office and Estates. Regular meetings of the Legal Services Officer, Estates Managers and the Legal Services and Health and Safety Assistant will oversee the process of fire risk assessments, maintenance and testing of fire safety equipment and the testing of fire evacuation procedures.

Rachel McManniman the Legal Services and Health and Safety Assistant, should be contacted if there are any urgent health and safety matters which require resolution. Accident Forms should be submitted to Rachel by email. There is also more useful information on the Health and Safety Executive’s website.