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Reporting an Accident, Incident or Near Miss

As part of the University's ongoing commitment to provide a safe working environment, all staff are asked to complete a short report following an accident, health and safety related incident or anything that could of potentially caused harm; a 'near miss'. This can be done using the University's Accident Report Form.

The information provided will help to prevent future occurrences of similar incidents and also provide an overview of the type and frequency of accidents when they occur. Compiling our accident information in this way is useful for many reasons and most significantly will help to identify any specific issues or trends with regards to accidents or injuries.

To report an accident, incident or near miss, please use the electronic version of the University's Accident Report Form.

Alternatively, paper copies can also be provided on request from the Legal Services and Health and Safety Assistant.

Once completed, please ensure a copy of the form is sent to the Legal Services and Health and Safety Assistant, within 24 hours of the accident, incident or near miss occurring.