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Continuing Professional Development

The University has a central CPD programme which is used to plan and deliver staff development both in terms of training and of updating skills. It also oversees the requirements for teaching staff to be appropriately qualified in matters of teaching and learning. 

In summary the CPD provision will:

  • Address specific needs in staff development by providing training courses;
  • Be informed by the performance review system, Faculties, L & T Committee and the Communities of Practice network to as to the needs for staff development;
  • Will monitor requirement for and uptake of the PGCert Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Course and also more generally staff teaching qualifications and interactions/recognition with the HEA.

In April 2013, following extensive consultation with the whole University community, the University Learning and Teaching Committee agreed a way forward for giving staff development opportunities in Learning and Teaching. This is laid out in the Staff Development Plan for Learning and Teaching - June 2013 document. 

PG Cert Learning and Teaching in HE

The PGCert LTHE is a vital part of the University's plan to support Academic staff new and long serving, in developing their skills and reflective practice related to Learning and Teaching in Higher Education.  Liverpool Hope is very supportive of the UKPSF as a means of delineating those who have proved their commitment to good practice in learning and teaching. As an institution we have been strongly encouraging staff to become Fellows of the HEA for a number of years. Indeed this is a key goal set in Liverpool Hope’s Corporate Plan, Learning and Teaching and Assessment Strategy and Personnel Strategy ‘Our People Strategy’. 

The requirement for HEA Fellowship also forms part of Liverpool Hope’s Probation and Performance Review documentation for academic staff at all levels. Heads of Departments / Deans of Faculty are normally expected to set the staff member a target to gain the PGCert LTHE or fellowship status within their first year of appointment.  This is also a performance indicator that forms part of Liverpool Hope’s promotion policy for academic staff.

This programme, which currently stands in totality as a Postgraduate Certificate, was designed from the ground up with close consideration of the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF). Each of the programme and module level learning outcomes are designed to ensure that all PGCert LTHE participants will demonstrate critical engagement with all aspects of the UKPSF areas of activity, core knowledge and professional values in order to complete the course.

The PGCert LTHE is intended as an introduction to learning and teaching in Higher Education, with the principle goal of ensuring that practitioners have the practical and conceptual tools necessary to enhance their own practice. Beyond this, the course aims to arm the participants with the theoretical literacy in learning and teaching to be able to articulate their own good practice and scrutinise that of others with a critical lens. Although weighted towards practice driven dialogue in the formal sessions, it is assumed that participants will be independent learners and capable of discovering and applying the appropriate theoretical knowledge that goes beyond what is directly presented in the course. 

For further details and information regarding the registration process, please contact Dr Lynn Hilditch, Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator.

HEA Recognition Scheme

The recognition scheme contributes towards the professionalisation of teaching by conferring the status of Associate Fellow, Fellow, Senior Fellow or Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. The scheme is closely referenced to the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF). There are many benefits to gaining recognition as an Academy Fellow:

  • It provides national recognition of your commitment to professionalism in teaching and learning in higher education;
  • It demonstrates that your practice is aligned with the UK PSF;
  • It provides an indicator of professional identity for higher education practitioners, including the entitlement to use post-nominal letters:
    • AFHEA – Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 
    • FHEA – Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 
    • SFHEA - Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 
    • PFHEA – Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 
  • It is a portable asset that has UK-wide relevance and which is increasingly recognised by higher and further education institutions.

All academic staff at Liverpool Hope University are expected to seek recognition from the HEA and workshops run throughout the year to prepare staff in making applications. 

Further guidance on applying for a professional accreditation can be found on the HEA Fellowships webpage.

Please contact Shauna Anton, Staff Development Co-ordinator, for further details or to book a place.

Personnel Staff Development/Training

The University's Personnel team organise internal training and development events, including HEA workshops, throughout the year. You can book onto sessions or suggest opportunities to be added to the schedule by contacting the Staff Development Co-ordinator, Shauna Anton.

Advance HE's 2018/9 calendar of events also includes a variety of external professional development opportunities.

Other Development Opportunities

Moodle for Staff Development in Learning and Teaching

All academic staff have access to an online training course through Moodle. This will appear on your Moodle site under the heading 'University Learning and Teaching Resources' in the 'Miscellaneous' section. You can access this at any time for suggestions on how to develop a range of different teaching and learning activities.

Online Resources

The University has identified a range of new technologies which tutors may be interested in using in their practice. We have built up a number of guidance notes, examples of good practice and signposts to online resources. The guides currently available are on our Learning Technologies and Teaching Technologies pages.

We have also set up a ever evolving list of links to other online resources for Learning and Teaching.