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The Ciphr HR system has been upgraded and access at varying levels will be rolled out to all staff in stages. Initially, access will be given to those staff members responsible for logging absences of staff in their areas. Future access includes Manager access (which will allow managers to manage staff absence and annual leave approval) and self service which will give all staff access to their personal details held by HR and the facility to book annual leave. Training will be given prior to access being granted.

There is also the introduction of a new system, IRecruit for managing job vacancies, applications and staff recruitment online. This includes the facility for candidates to complete their applications for vacancies online. More information about this system will be available in due course.


Before access to Ciphr or IRecruit can be granted, all staff must complete the mandatory university GDPR training. If your training is not up to date or you are not sure if refresher training is due, please email Shauna Anton in Personnel.

Once access is granted, each time you log in to Ciphr you will be agreeing to the following terms:

By continuing to access the CIPHR system you are agreeing to the following terms:

  • I am authorised to access the personal data
  • I am accessing the data for work purposes, consistent with the role I perform and on a need-to-know basis only
  • I will maintain confidentiality and will not share, distribute or discuss any aspect of personal data other than with colleagues as required by my role
  • I have undertaken the University's mandatory data protection / GDPR training and my training is up-to-date
  • I understand that CIPHR access audits are undertaken to determine who accesses what information and when
  • Any breach of the terms set out above may result in disciplinary action and may amount to gross misconduct 

Requesting, Changing or Removing Access

Access other than standard employee self service access must be approved by the authorised OLT/ALT Member or UEM before a request is logged with Personnel. 

To request access, change of access or removal of access from Personnel, the access request form needs to be completed by the relevant OLT/ALT Member or UEM.

Personnel will then check whether the staff member has completed the mandatory university GDPR training and that the training is not expired. Completion of the GDPR training is compulsory before access to Ciphr can be given. Personnel will then arrange Ciphr training before giving login details to the live system. All users must comply with GDPR or access will be removed. Regular audit checks will be made to ensure all areas have the correct absence user in place and to remove access to anyone who has left the university or whose job role no longer requires them to have that specific user access. 

Access is subject to review and structural changes.

Help and Support

Once you have access to Ciphr if you have any system issues please email, if you have any staff record queries please email

If you would like refresher training on how to use the system, please complete the online form and we will arrange that for you.