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Equality Analysis

The University is required by the Equality Act  2010 to carry out Equality Analysis on all its policies, procedures and functions. An equality analysis is a way of systematically and thoroughly assessing and consulting on the effects that a new or existing policy or procedure is likely to have on a group of people.

In other words, it is a way of pre-empting the possibility that any proposed or existing policy or procedure may unfavourably affect some minority groups.

Equality Analysis replaces the University’s equality impact assessment process.  Equality Analysis is the term now used in legislation to describe the assessment of new and existing policies, procedures and functions to identify any adverse impact on particular groups and to take action to eliminate or mitigate such inequality.  It should also help identify any opportunities to promote equality of opportunity and promote good relations between different groups. 

Equality Analysis should begin as soon as a relevant new policy or proposal is being considered or an existing one being amended or updated.

Equality Analysis Form and Guidance