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These webpages are intended to support Hope staff whether working from home or continuing to provide essential services on campus during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The External Relations team will be continuing to keep us updated via the Staff Bulletin. Please continue to send stories to for the wider Hope community.

The Coronavirus webpage will continue to be updated with FAQs and key links to NHS, Government and other sources of information.

Please visit our Covid-19 Volunteering web page for updates on what the Hope community is doing and what you can do to help the local community at this time. If you would like to contact the volunteering team please email

Specsavers opens for routine appointments

Specsavers are open again for routine appointments. If you require an eye test specifically in relation to Display Screen Equipment use, please see the University Eye Testing Scheme.

Zoom-free Fridays

One of the ways in which we have had to adapt in the past 16 weeks is to change the way we communicate and meet with others, and many of us have turned to video calling platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet. This way of working has replaced face-to-face and telephone conversations, but when over-used video meetings can create fatigue in a way that other conversations don’t, due to factors such as increased screen time, fewer non-verbal cues, different visual stimuli and technical issues such as poor audio and lost connections.

In order to raise awareness and to encourage reflection on our use of video calling platforms, the University Senior Executive Team are supporting a series of ‘Zoom Free Fridays’ in July and August where video meetings are to be avoided as much as possible.

When reflecting on our use of video calling platforms, here are a few suggestions for minimising potential fatigue: 

  • Avoid scheduling back to back meetings
  • Take regular mini breaks
  • Review whether a video meeting is required-would a phone call or an email be an alternative?
  • Review whether everyone needs to be at the video meeting
  • Reduce visual stimuli by using audio only from time to time on a video calling platforms
  • Look away from the screen from time to time into the distance to rest your eyes
  • Avoid multi-tasking try not to look at email and other screens at the same time as a meeting 

The university already provides more general advice for colleagues working from home

Hope Bulletins

A feature on Resilience can be found in the Hope Staff Bulletin from 15 July 2020    
A feature on Anxiety can be found in the Hope Staff Bulletin from 3 June 2020