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Procedure for Re-grades

Support staff wishing to be re-graded must be able to demonstrate that the role they are performing has ‘grown’ since the previous HERA evaluation (ie that they have taken on additional responsibilities that have given the role more breadth or made it more complex). An increased workload within the existing responsibilities already associated with the role should not be regarded as new responsibilities.

All requests for re-grades must have senior management approval before the application commences.  Once approval has been obtained, a new job description will be the starting point for a re-grading application, as the employee and the line manager must be satisfied that the role includes new responsibilities in addition to those undertaken previously. The line manager must verify that the new job description fully captures the role – including the amended or additional duties.

The line manager then forwards the new job description to the HR department formally requesting a review of the role.  The relevant HR Manager will then carry out an evaluation of the role from the job description.  In circumstances where the role has changed significantly, the HR Manager may request a HERA evidenced based template or may decide to carry out a HERA job evaluation interview.

Once the role has been re-evaluated, the HR Manager will forward the scored record to one of the other HR Managers to be second-scored.  The record will then be signed off and the employee and line manager informed of the outcome.

If the re-evaluation shows the role has increased to the next grade, the effective increase date will normally be the month the documentation was submitted.

A post will not be considered for further re-grade within a year of application unless there is a significant change of duties or widespread restructuring in the area to which it applies.

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HERA Role Re-evaluation Process

Guidance for Employees

 Before applying for a re-grade it is worth looking at the HERA profile and submission for your current role to see where the significant changes have occurred.

  • When applying for a re-grade, please try and think of activities and responsibilities that are typical of your role
  • HERA does not and cannot assess your performance in your role
  • HERA does not assess quantity of work – if workload is an issue, speak to your line manager
  • Only the requirements of your role will be analysed – not activities or responsibilities you have become involved in for personal interest
  • The HERA scheme applies to all staff groups – both academic and support. As a result, there will be some areas where you will not be able to provide evidence, as you do not carry out that kind of work!

Guidance for Managers 

  • In order to support a request for re-grade, you must ensure you have authorised the employee to carry out additional duties or for the role to grow and that a budget is available for this
  • It may sometimes be necessary for you to tell your employee that additional work they have undertaken is not part of their role or that they have a more limited role than the evidence suggests
  • Issues relating to performance should be dealt with outside the HERA process