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Role Profiles

This section provides information on Academic and Support role profiles. 

What are role profiles? 

Role Profiles are documents which demonstrate clearly the relationship between specific activity or task and the personal attributes required to undertake them. In the HERA job evaluation Scheme Liverpool Hope have developed some generic role profiles for roles with multiple holders. 

Academic role profiles        

Post Doctoral Teaching Fellow

Professional Tutor Role Profile

Senior Professional Tutor Role Profile

Lecturers Role Profile

Senior Lecturers Role Profile

Lecturer Teaching & Scholarship Role Profile

Senior Lecturer Teaching & Scholarship Role Profile

Principal Lecturer Role Profile

Associate Professor Role Profile

Professor Role Profile


Support role profiles                     

Grade 3 Administrator Role Profile

Grade 4 Administrator Role Profile

Grade 5 Administrator Role Profile

Grade 6 Administrator Role Profile

Catering Assistant Role Profile

Domestic Assistant Role Profile

Campus Operative Role Profile