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Personnel Forms

Here is an A-Z list of forms staff may need from Personnel. If any of the links are not working, please contact us at 

Academic Staff CV Template

Accident Report Form

Authority to Recruit Form

Authority to Recruit - Hourly Paid Staff

Change of Bank Details Form

Application for Consolidated Research Time

Disclosure and Barring Service Check Request

Design Briefing Form

Disability Disclosure Form 

Exit Interview Questionnaire

Flexible Work Request Form   

Conflict and Grievance Form (G1A)

Conflict and Grievance Form (G1B)

Conflict and Grievance Form (G2A)  

Conflict and Grievance Form (G2B)  

Induction Checklist

Job Description Form

Keep In Touch Day Form 

Laptop Use Agreement Form 

Maternity Leave Form (ML1)

Shared Parental Leave - Maternity Curtailment Notice

Shared Parental Leave - Period of Leave Notice

Shared Parental Leave - Notice of Entitlement and Intention to Take Leave

New Starter Form (Temporary)

Notification of Hours Form Hourly Paid Academics

Probation Review Form - Academic  

Probation Review Form - Support

Starter Checklist (replaces P46)

Recruitment Shortlisting Form

Return to Work Interview Form

Record of Hours Worked Form

Research Funding Application Form for Staff

Self Certified Absence Form 

Sickness Absence Review Meeting Form 

Staff Development Fund Application Form

Staff Year Record 2019 - 2020

Temporary - Individual Hours Worked Record

Teachers' Pension Opting Out Form 

Travel Expenses Form for Interviewees

Work Related Stress - Risk Assessment Guidance Notes


Performance Review - Academic Documents

Academic Performance Review Form 2020 (light)

Professional Tutor or Senior Professional Tutor Performance Review - April 2019


Performance Review - Support Documents

Support Staff Performance Review

Support Performance Review Appendix A

Review Form Comparison Guide

Productive Performance Reviews

Role Profile Elements - Manual

Role Profile Elements - Support Admin

Person Specification Form