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Go for a walk or run, step outside, play a game, garden, dance. Any form of exercise can help change our mood and make us feel good.

Regular exercise has many benefits including improved sleep, increase energy, boosted immune system and reduction in pain. It can also reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes whilst helping decrease stress, reduce anxiety and depression and help with weight management.

Everyone engages in different forms of exercise at different levels of activity and even small changes in levels of activity can make a big difference. Just ten minutes of physical activity has been shown to be beneficial for wellbeing. 

We need to make a conscious effort to be a little more active. Sometimes we feel we don’t have enough time or we are too busy but we all need to be willing to make slight adjustments to our lifestyle or daily routine in order to make more space to be active.

The Department of Health recommends adults do 150 minutes of exercise a week – that’s just 21.5 minutes per day! And even these 21.5 minutes can be broken down to fit in with your day.