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Make contact with the people around you: friends, family, colleagues, and neighbours. Get to know new people or rekindle old friendships

Being well connected is another way of increasing your mental health and wellbeing. Connecting with people could be as simple as telling a joke, congratulating someone or just saying hello! 

Try and stay away from relationships that make you feel unhappy or unsafe and make more time for people that matter. Commit to spend regular time with friends or family: cook together, go to the cinema together, go for a walk together. Join a book club or local fitness class and make positive connections that allow you to be more in control of your life and become committed to living well.

How to connect with colleagues at Hope

Daily Coffee Hour 

You can meet colleagues on a daily basis during term-time for a free cup of Fairtrade coffee in the FML staff common room or the Eden Cafe between 10.30 am - 11.15am.

Foundation Hour 

Foundation hour takes place every Wednesday between 1pm - 2pm. Foundation Hour is a unique and celebratory aspect of Liverpool Hope University’s life and community. The University takes time and space to pause and reflect on important issues beyond the curriculum. The issues range from cultural, religious, spiritual, also concentrating on major World news events. It is a unique opportunity to discuss relevant issues and maybe even gain a new insight and perspective on the events encompassing all of our lives today. This offers a brilliant opportunity to meet new people, share new ideas and maybe even make new friends in the process. 

Hope Bulletin 

Keep an eye out for our weekly Hope Bulletin emailed to staff on Mondays each week that has information on the University, upcoming social and training events, opportunities for development and interesting open lectures.