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Mental Health and Well being

Statistics indicate that at any given time approximately 25% of the general population experience some form of mental health disturbance. Research also suggests that the numbers are much higher for people enrolled within Higher Education as compared with that of the general population.

National research suggests that an increasing number of students at university are experiencing mental health problems that impact not only on their academic work, but also on other aspects of their university life. Mental health problems have implications not just for the student involved, but often also for those around them; staff, fellow students and family.

In response to this concerning trend, and to enable effective support for those affected by mental ill-health, the University provides support for students who may be experiencing any form mental health difficulty. The Mental Health and Well-being Adviser based in Student Development and Well-being works to ensure that students with a mental health difficulty are appropriately supported throughout their time here with us, enabling them to get the most from their university experience.

The Mental Health & Well-being Adviser provides a confidential, professional support and advisory service to students who are concerned about their own, or someone else’s mental health. The Mental Health and Wellbeing Adviser can also provide advice and support to university staff who are working with students who have a diagnosed mental health difficulty or who are struggling emotionally.  


Policy Guidelines for Mental Health and Well-being

Please read our Policy Statement and Guidelines for Student Mental Health Support