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Careers Statement of Services

The Careers & Employability Team at Liverpool Hope aims to inspire, inform and encourage students by providing up to date information, insight and guidance on careers, employment and further study.

Consistent with Liverpool Hope's Mission Statement, we aim to deliver a service that is inclusive, consistent, well informed and tailored to you.

All of our Careers Advisors are experienced, professionally qualified and have full membership of the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services. All members of staff receive regular training and reviews to maintain the highest levels of service.

We have also received re-accreditation to the Matrix Quality Standard for information, advice and guidance services.

All of our services are free to use.

Confidentiality Of Service

The Careers and Employability Service takes seriously the privacy and confidentiality of all our clients and, as such, all staff are regularly supervised and appraised to ensure complete compliance with the Data Protection Acts of 1984 and 1998.

Only staff within the Careers and Employability Service will be able to access records and documentation relating to careers enquiries, advice and guidance sessions and client feedback.

All Advice & Guidance appointments will take place in one of our meeting rooms and are private and confidential.

Storing & Keeping Client Records

All queries made to the Careers and Employability Service are monitored on a weekly basis and are kept on file, along with corresponding feedback, for twelve months.

Our records and documentation relating to interactions with students, graduates and other clients will -

  • Be up to date and accurate.
  • Provide information about the client's current position.
  • Provide information on the options and choices under consideration.
  • Include information on whether the client has been referred to additional information and advice services.
  • Be comprehensible and legible.
  • Be stored reliably and securely.
  • Be accessible only to staff within the Career Development Service.

The Careers and Employability Service works according to the Data Protection Acts of 1984 and 1998. All clients of the Careers and Employability Service are entitled to view, or receive copies of, all documents and records which we hold in their name.

Service Limitations

If the Careers and Employability Service receives a request for information, advice or guidance which we believe we do not have the experience or expertise to address, we will recommend external organisations that you can contact directly for further assistance.

Although the Careers and Employability Service offers its service to all Alumni, if you graduated more than five years ago, you may find that the information, advice and guidance that we are able to provide does not adequately address your career development needs. You may, therefore, prefer to contact relevant professional or specialist organisations that will be able to help support your higher-level career development needs.

All of our information, advice and guidance will be provided in English and cannot be provided in other languages.

We are unable to post published or printed careers information, but we will always endeavour to direct you to information available on the internet, or to organisations where you can order published information.

Valuing Your Feedback

We are passionately committed to delivering an excellent service and to do this we need your feedback - whether positive or negative. We want to know what we do well and what we could improve on.

We will provide you with a feedback form following One-to-One Appointments and Mock Interviews and there are also forms available in Student Development and Wellbeing. We also welcome feedback via e-mail or you can pop in to have a chat with a member of staff.

All feedback received is confidential.