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How to apply

You will be able to take part in the Outgoing Exchange programme only in your second year of study, providing it will not hinder your studies. You will need and you achieved B average on assessments in your first year. You must also have at least 70% attendance at all Lectures, Seminars and Tutorials. You have the chance to study at one of our partner universities for either a semester (January to May) or the full academic year, with all academic credits counting towards your degree when you return.


You can apply for the Outgoing Exchange Programme throughout the year and we advise you speak to the International Hub as soon as possible. Below is a rough outline of when you should be aiming to complete each stage of the application process. 

You are encouraged to apply for the programme in your first year of study, below is an outline of the deadlines based on applications being made in your first year of study at Liverpool Hope. 

TaskDeadline for yearDeadline for semester
Speak to the International Hub, who will provide initial dates and times of workshops you can sign up for. Please email  January March
Attend a compulsory Exchange Workshop  February April

Speak to your Departmental International Coordinator to find out what courses you need to study whilst on Outgoing Exchange. Research the universities that you like from the list sent to you by the International Hub. 

You will need to ensure that you find courses equivalent to 60 Hope credits for one semester and 120 credits for the full academic year.

Please note - partner universities in Europe and America operate different credit systems, as a guide please use:

  • 1 US Credit = 5 Hope Credits (America)
  • 1 ECTS = 2 Hope Credits (Europe)
  • 0.5 CA = 12 Hope Credits (Canada)

If you have trouble finding courses that are suitable then please speak to the International Exchange Assistant.

February April

Complete the application form given to you by the International Hub and get it signed by the International Coordinator(s) for your course.

It's important to keep your International Coordinator and tutors informed, as they have to confirm your study choices whilst abroad.

March  May 
Return the form to the International Exchange Assistant. March  May

Once you have sent your application form to us and we have approved you for the Outgoing Exchange programme, we will contact the partner university you have selected who will then be in touch with you and will send you the application details.

You must ensure you complete the applications to partner universities as soon as possible, as the deadlines are set in place to ensure all visas can be obtained before travelling to study (if required). Before submitting your application to the partner university, you will need to obtain a transcript from the International Hub.

Once you application has been accepted by the partner university, you will need to start booking flights, accommodation and visa appointments (if required).

Don’t forget to contact Student Finance, as you may be entitled to additional funds. If you require your student loan to be paid earlier because your exchange period starts before Liverpool Hope’s term, then please contact Student Finanace.