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Be prepared

Taking part in Global Hope is an exciting, once in a lifetime experience. It is also extremely rewarding. To make sure you have the best time and get the most out of your experience, please read our tips below to ensure you are prepared for your trip.

Immigration and visas

If you are accepted to go on a Global Hope Project then you may need to get a visa before you travel. Projects vary from whether you need a tourist visa to enter the country or not.

The Global Hope Team will advise you when and how to apply for a VISA if it is needed.


Make sure you are up-to-date on routine vaccines before you go on a Global Hope project.

You must seek medical advice yourself on what vaccinations are recommended by your local GP. Global Hope will not make recommendations to project members as countries and individual participants’ needs may vary.


All flights have a starting point of Manchester Airport, and you are responsible for getting yourself to Manchester Airport on the day of departure.

Baggage allowance does vary from project to project, but please be aware that the allowance between international and domestic flights may differ.

For example: if you were flying to our project in India, it is often found that the flight to Dubai has a 30kg baggage allowance but the domestic flight at a later leg of the journey has a 15Kg baggage allowance. Please check the baggage allowance before you travel.


The weather across our different projects varies greatly, although please be aware that some countries are extremely hot or humid.

Remember to have a bottle of water at all times and apply adequate sun protection.


All of the projects run by Global Hope take place in very different cultures from those which we are accustomed to in the UK.

We ask you to be mindful of this, as many countries are much more conservative than our own. This could mean that you need to make sure you are not showing too much skin and adhering to the dress code of the project.

Food can also be a big part of a country's culture, so please attempt to try the local cuisine, particularly if your hosts are cooking for you!