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Global Hope 2022

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Because of the pandemic, the University has taken the difficult decision not to run face-to face-projects this year, in order to keep staff, students and partners safe.

Instead staff and students have the chance to engage with our partners online through projects supported by the International Hub and Global Hope Committee.

Projects will be:

  • Interactive online workshops/activities
  • Minimum of 10 sessions
  • During the last two weeks of June 2022 (TBC)
  • Led by Hope staff
  • Planned and delivered by Hope students

Aim of the workshops:

Global Hope has communicated with our partners to understand their needs at this time. They have asked us to develop workshops that enable their participants to:

  • Improve English language skills, especially speaking and listening
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop cross cultural awareness


You will plan and deliver online activities, such as:

      • Interactive games
      • Quizzes
      • Storytelling
      • Singing
      • Short talks on a specialist subject
      • Drafting

You will also need to commit to attending three training sessions on a Wednesday from 5 - 6pm, once a month during February, March and April.

We are also seeking technical champions to support each project being online. Are you confident in online activities, Zoom, Teams, etc? Could you help students who are less confident technically? Could you liaise with our project partners to agree the best platform to use for the interactive workshops? If so, we need you to help us make the 2022 project successful.

In-keeping with the spirit of Global Hope, students will be encouraged to raise £100 each to support our partners.

Training will include:

      • Project partners, culture, language, etc
      • Activity planning
      • Technical awareness and practical issues
      • Safeguarding
      • Fundraising

The plan is to have face-to-face training once or twice a month on a Wednesday from 5 - 6pm during April and May.

Why participate in a virtual Global Hope project?

      • It is a very rewarding and self-fulfilling experience. You will get a lot out of being part of a project, probably more than what you give to the project
      • Interacting with our partners offers a different perspective on the world and makes you think differently about your everyday life
      • You will learn or develop technical skills around online learning
      • You will have experience of activity planning and delivery
      • You will learn about another culture
      • You will develop your communications skills
      • You will develop your ability to work in a team
      • You will enhance your CV
      • You will also be well on your way to completing your SALA
      • Any student who participates fully in a virtual project and raises £100 or more, will be guaranteed an interview for Global Hope 2023 if projects are able to run face-to-face
      • You may not change the world or have a huge lasting impact, but you will be making a difference even in a small way to the people you interact with.

Criteria for participation:

In order to participate in a project, students will need to meet certain criteria to demonstrate that they are actively committed to the project and are reliable. This is to ensure that we are able to give our partners the best experience possible.

This includes:

      • Be actively engaged in SALA, or commitment to begin SALA
      • Be engaged in your studies, with good academic standing
      • Show active participation in the Hope community
      • Attendance of 60% plus
      • Have the ability to commit to the three training sessions. 

Please email the Global Hope team if you would be interested in being part in an online project: globalhope@hope.ac.uk


Staff will lead each project team and:

      • Create a sense of team
      • Liaise with the partner over timings and project focus
      • Support students with their activities
      • Offer activities of their own
      • Commit to attending three training sessions on a Wednesday from 5 - 6pm once a month during February, March and April.

You don’t need to be a technical expert or have experience of teaching in order to take part.

Please email the Global Hope team if you would be interested in being part in an online project: globalhope@hope.ac.uk