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General comment

We’re currently all experiencing very testing times, with our usual way of life turned upside down within a matter of weeks, but now lasting for months. We’ve all had to adjust our daily life such as changing the way we work, the way we care for dependents, and how we interact with our friends and family. For some, the adjustments are minor and manageable, for others, the changes have been monumental and extremely difficult.

Although it may be to varying degrees, we’re all experiencing difficulties and challenges during this global crisis. During times of extreme change and stress, it’s easy for many of us to look inward, whether that be to our own individual circumstances, our own community, or even our own country. It is understandable, and somewhat predictable, that during challenging times individuals start to prioritise looking inwardly.

However, if a global pandemic teaches us anything, it is that we are a global community more interconnected than many of us appreciated, and that isolationism is no longer a viable way for the world to progress. Whilst it’s important to look after those close to us, it’s also important to remember those in the world who aren’t afforded the support that, far from perfect, we are fortunate to have in the UK. Many other countries have no capacity to support furloughed staff, a medical care system that is free to all at the point of need, or even a medical system that is fit-for-purpose. So Global Hope is asking that you remember those less fortunate, and in particular our global partners.

Support for Partners

Sparrow School, Johannesburg, South Africa

A school and vocational training collage for children with special needs and those affected by AIDS.

Global Hope students have donated £1,200 to the school during the pandemic. This is supporting the staff in developing and distributing learner packs to the students at home due to the Covid19 lockdown. These are made up of worksheets and resources for the learners to complete and ensure that all learners revise, reinforce, and consolidate the work on top of learning new information. The nature of the packs in the schools means the parents are engaging with their children in a fun and exciting manner. Sparrow has 10 drivers who are delivering these packs to the learners.

SOS Children’s Village, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Part of SOS International, the village provides ‘family-like’ care for orphans.

Global Hope students have donated £2,390.00 to this village to fund a six-month relief program for 165 children.  Due to COVID 19 pandemic, families in the Family Like Care Programs are facing vulnerable situations on access to basic necessities such as food and lack of access to education resources as schools have been closed. The program includes:

  • Additional Allowance to purchase dry rations
  • Home Based Learning
  • Child Protection and psychological support
  • Hygiene Kits
  • Awareness & Sensitization Practices Program


Solidaridad en Marcha, Arequipa, Peru

We held an appeal on behalf of this partner:

  • The Peru Global Hope project takes place in the country's second city, Arequipa, which has the highest deprivation levels outside Lima
  • It is run by Br. Victor Ramos, with whom committee members have been in constant contact since the start of the crisis
  • The project centres around a primary school for the poorest based in the city's slums run by Br. Ramos, which has now closed due to lockdown
  • Peru's lockdown was much more extensive than here due to the absence of a functioning public health system and welfare state
  • While Peru's death rates have not been as bad as here, the economic effects have been devastating with no comparable furlough scheme
  • Ramos has consequently been forced to lay off much of the school staff and has effectively lost contact with many pupils (since most do not have internet access and some not even a mobile phone)
  • Ramos is a trusted partner – he attended Big Hope 2 - and any funds received will go towards basic technology to enable students to get online or back into the classroom

Jayaraj Annapackiam College for Women, Periyakulum, India

A college of Higher Education for women in semi-rural Tamil Nadu, students are taught in English but rarely have the opportunity to interact with someone whose first language is English. The sisters who run the College, and who attended our Big Hope 2, are trying to create opportunities for their students to develop their English language skills over the summer.

Last summer our staff and students offered a 20-30 minute talk on something they feel passionate about, linked to British culture or history. This included football, local history and food.