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Research support for staff

Gill Smylie is the University's Research Facilitator with the remit of increasing externally funded research activity at the University, by working in partnership with academics to secure, manage and increase funding from external organisations both nationally and internationally.

The prime role of the Research Facilitator is to support the University’s research aims, and in particular its researchers.

The ability to deliver an appropriate level of support depends on staff providing full information and adequate notice in order to ensure that applications and proposals are properly costed and comply with any applicable terms and conditions.

Standard applications for external submission should be received at least three days before the deadline to ensure full service (noting the need also to go through the University’s authorisation process), whilst more complex projects will require a longer period.

The new web pages contain information that will benefit researchers in applying for and managing their research activities. You are welcome to make suggestions for items that you would wish to see included within these pages and please do contact Gill for support with your research application.