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Starting the new academic year 2020

These pages are live and will be updated on a regular basis. Over the Summer period regular updates from the DVC will direct you to the most up to date information. If you have any queries which are not answered here you should ask your manager.

The University has introduced a single enquiry email address for any member of staff who has a query about the university's response to covid19, which isn't already covered in the FAQs. Your query will be passed onto the appropriate group and you will receive a personal response.

We will be using questions posed on this email to continually update the FAQs providing this is appropriate in individual circumstances. The email address is Please check the FAQs for an answer before sending your email as we may have answered your question already.

Liverpool Hope University Approach Statement.

The Hope community (collegium) and educational philosophy is founded on collegiality and development of personal relationships with students. The prime considerations for the lockdown period and for the return to campus are firstly the Health and Safety of all staff and students of the University; secondly, the provision of an excellent student experience; and, thirdly, the continuation of activities which underpin the mission and values of the University.

The University has in this pandemic acted consistently in the interest of public health concerns and the protection of our staff and students. Its intention for the new academic year is to restore carefully what is needed for a full and fruitful student experience but without rushing into a full restoration of campus life. Until a vaccine is available to all there is every likelihood that we shall have interruptions to any well laid plan as we have seen in the country during the first weeks of release from lockdown.

The health and safety of each one of us is dependent on every student and member of staff being committed to the plans being put in place across the Hope community. 

Please check this page for regular updates. 
Last updated: 9th September 2020

Can I continue to work at home once the campus opens in September?

Individual risk assessments will be conducted for all staff in vulnerable categories.

The University may decide that some teams should remain at home for the start of term or that individuals may work at home for certain days of the week. Your manager will discuss this with you as appropriate.

How is the University managing risk?

The University has an Overarching Risk Assessment which is regularly reviewed and is available to all staff. 

Each senior manager has been given a framework of what needs to be considered and Guidance for Completing Risk Assessments. They will have updated the standard risk assessments for your area/activities to account for the COVID 19 requirements. These will be made available to you through your manager.


What will happen if the national/local situation changes?

The University has identified a range of levels of risk and has created scenarios of how the campus will run under each of these scenarios. 

The screens around the campuses will show the current level of risk and the scenario of operation in place at any given day/time.

Should the University decide to change the risk level you will be notified through email and the situation as to how this affects your work will be clarified by your manager.

What should I do if I am worried about the Health and Safety arrangements before or when I get back to campus?

In the first instance you should speak to your manager. Your local H & S rep may also be able to help. If you are still concerned you should write directly to Ginny Mair via

How will the University ensure that the number of individuals present on campus meets the Government Guidelines?

The Estates team have done an extensive exercise relating to the maximum capacity of each building. The timetable for students will be constructed in a way that ensures the numbers are well below these maximums.

How will the University ensure that spaces are kept clean?

Cleaning rotas have been increased in both frequency and depth. Particular attention will be paid to toilet and kitchen facilities in addition to door handles and other frequent touch points.

Colleagues should use the automated door openers wherever they are available.

Colleagues will also be provided with cleaning materials so that local spaces can be kept clean.

All classrooms will have cleaning kits with the expectations that students will clean their surroundings on arrival and departure from each session.

Will I be able to move about the campus safely?

All corridors and spaces have been mapped by the estates team and floors will be marked with direction arrows and spacing marks for queuing. All staff will be expected to follow these guidance symbols. There will be limited use of lifts and wherever possible, staircases will be limited to one-way traffic.

I share an office. Do I have to come back to work?

Where offices are shared, local risk assessments will be undertaken to determine the best way to promote safe working. Your manager may change the configuration of the office to ensure, for example, that you do not work facing a colleague. They may also ask you to increase the ventilation whilst you are working.

If the shared office is thought to be too small to accommodate the normal occupants, you may be asked to alternate days on campus and at home, or your manager may arrange a different place for you to work.

I have lots of meetings in my diary, how will they be held safely?

All meetings will take place virtually where possible. Where face to face meetings are necessary social distancing must be followed at all times. There may be a requirement for face coverings.

Are the ventilation systems safe?

The Estates team has checked every ventilation system over the Summer period to ensure that it complies with Government guidelines.

How are we keeping students safe?

Students will study in small consistent bubbles wherever this is possible. Face to face delivery will only take place where current guidelines can be followed. All other teaching will take place online. All tutors have prepared online versions of curriculum material which can be used in the case of local lockdowns being imposed.

Students will live in contained bubbles in the halls of residence wherever possible. Student social activities will be run within current guidelines and at a distance where possible.

How can I help with Health and Safety of the Community?

The most important aspect is to take the appropriate measures to keep yourself well, such as handwashing, appropriate social distancing etc. You should be conscious of your own health and check your temperature frequently and particularly if you feel unwell.

If you feel unwell or start to experience symptoms you should alert you manager and go home as quickly as possible. If you are a student, you should alert SDW and go home or to your room in the halls as quickly as possible. Where ever possible you should obtain a test for CV19. If the test is positive or if you cannot get a test, you will be subject to the government guidance on quarantine, which is currently 14 days in isolation.

Should I wear a facemask on campus?

The University will supply each member of staff and each student with two washable face coverings. Further information on their use and exemptions will be provided in the coming weeks. Staff will be required to wear protective visors during face-to-face teaching sessions, and a personal visor will be supplied to relevant colleagues.

What are the rules about administering first aid?

If someone needs urgent help then social distancing guidelines do not apply. Appropriate PPE should however be used. A new protocol for such scenarios has been agreed and should be followed.

What will the University do if there is a confirmed case on campus?

The University will identify all close contacts of the individual in question and require them to leave campus/remain in their hall of residence for 14 days quarantine or until they can provide evidence of a negative test result.

Where can I find more information on the University’s health and safety approach to COVID -19? 

A wide range of mental health support resources are available through the and student gateways. Both staff and mental health referral systems remain available to all colleagues and students. If you are struggling with your mental health or wellbeing you should contact your manager or tutor or the University Personnel or SDW units.

Is the University monitoring HSE guidance? 

Yes the latest information can be found on the HSE Website.

How will the University deal with staff and students who do not adhere to social distancing requirements?

The University will be providing health and safety advice to both students and staff on how to observe social distancing whilst on campus. Under the Health and Safety at work Act (1974) it is everyone’s responsibility to follow health and safety guidance and personally raise any concerns they may observe. Any situations emerging that appear to breach the health and safety requirements will be considered and responded to in a proportionate manner and on a case by case basis. Prior to returning an email account will be made available for staff to report such concerns.