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Student Administration

Welcome to Student Administration, the team forms part of the wider range of support services available to students through Student Support and Well Being and are responsible for central student administration at the University.

We have overall management of the student and curriculum record and the University’s undergraduate and postgraduate regulations. Our work underpins a student’s academic experience from registration through to graduation and incorporates both undergraduate and postgraduate registration, assessment and examinations, appeals, certificates and transcripts, student related statistical reporting and returns to statutory bodies, records management and graduation.



The Curriculum Team are responsible for the setup and management of all curriculum data structures in the University database, SITS, and this underpins all student activity such as registration, option choice and mark entry. Examples of curriculum data include pathways, courses, modules/units, ‘diets’ and assessment patterns.

The team also ensures the accuracy of this data for internal and external reporting, including the management of FTE’s at SITS module level, and validate curriculum related external funding coding for University Returns, such as UNISTATS which is useful to applicants choosing which course to study.

Records and Assessments

The Records and Assessments Team are responsible for the management of central records used to track studies of on-course students on standard degree courses. Changes made to the University database reflect the outcomes of academic decisions, including the enrolment of modules/units and processing course changes, interruptions and withdrawals/termination of studies requests.

Significant events organised by this team include the registration of continuing students, undergraduate option selection for students with choice in their seminars, preparation and attendance at Assessment, Progression and Award Boards and the release of all end of year results.

The team also service the Registrar's Advisory and Operational Groups and liaise with our Finance Department and the Student Loans Company to ensure the University receive payment of tuition fees for those who are in receipt of student loans.

Awards and Graduation

The Awards and Graduation Team are responsible for the creation and publication of the May and August examination timetables and also for the organisation and the running of the formal exam periods, which includes liaising with Student Support and Wellbeing to ensure students with alternative arrangements are accommodated, as far as possible.

The student aspects of winter and summer graduation ceremonies are also managed by this team, which includes the release of the graduation task, as well as the organisation of students in the Cathedral on each graduation day. Certificates and HEAR transcripts are produced by this team for graduands, as well as for former students who have lost or need replacement documents.

The administration of student appeals and mitigating circumstances panels also falls in the remit of this team, as well as servicing Academic Appeals Committees.

Student Data Team, External Returns and International Compliance

The Student Data, External Returns and International Team are responsible for the preparation of data and subsequent submission to the statutory bodies such as the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), the Office for Students (OfS), and the Teaching Regulation Agency.

The Data Team provides information to support the University in the recruitment, engagement, retention and success of students.  The team manage the student feedback process and send out feedback surveys to students periodically to support the 'Student Voice'. The responses of which aid student led improvements made to programmes and the student experience as a whole to the benefit of future cohorts.

The International Compliance Officer is responsible for compliance and immigration matters for both students and staff in relation to Tier 4, Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur and Short-term student visas. This includes visa applications, appeals and is the main point of contact with the Home Office. Other responsibilities include the administration in relation to compliance of the exchange programme (Erasmus and Non-EU).


What do I use the SRM for?

The Student Records Management system (SRM) is an important means of communication and you should get into the habit early of checking this, and your Hope email, on a regular basis. To access the SRM, you need to log into MyHope (from the Student/Staff Gateway) and then select the link for Student Record Management.

When you log into the SRM, you will see various tabs, just under where your name and ID number are. It always defaults to the Home tab and this is where your Action Intray is. During the course of your studies here, you will be sent a small number of ‘tasks’ to complete depending where in your studies you are, one of the first of these will be the Online Registration and Fees Task. At the end of your course, we will ask you if you wish to attend Graduation and this is done via a task too.

In the Personal/Finance Details tab, you can see the addresses we hold on our records. You can amend your permanent and contact addresses and emergency contact details/address, if they change during your time with us.

In the My Details (Academic) tab, you can access registration documents such as a copy of your Registration Form, check your Registration Status, and print out a Council Tax Exemption Certificate (eligibility applies).

Also in this tab, you can view in more detail the course you are registered for and, as the academic year goes by, you will see provisional coursework grades appear. At the end of the year, after the formal exam boards have confirmed your provisional grades and a formal summary of your overall result has been sent to you by email, then you will have access to your full year’s results.

How do I change course/modules?

Changing one or more courses might have an impact on the title of your degree or your eligibility to graduate. Therefore, you must seek academic advice before proceeding. When you are confident with the change/s you wish to make, pick up a Request to Change form from your Faculty/Department office. Once you have completed this and left it with the Faculty, they will go through the authorisation procedure and pass on any approved changes to Student Administration so that your record can be updated. You will be able to view these changes in the My Details (Academic) tab in your SRM.

How do I withdraw or interrupt studies?

This answer is aimed at students on taught programmes. For postgraduate research students, please click here to visit the relevant webpages.

Withdrawal from studies is a serious step and so the University expects you to discuss this with staff before making a decision. You are strongly advised to speak to a Faculty Personal Tutor, Faculty Senior Academic Advisor, member of Student Support & Well-being, or a Network of Hope Link/Support tutor. If you are an international student, you must make an appointment to see an international compliance officer as we will have to inform the UKVI if you do withdraw. If you are absolutely sure that you want to withdraw, then you need to complete a Withdrawal from Studies form and send it to us for processing.

Interruption of studies can only be authorised by a Faculty Senior Academic Advisor or a Network of Hope Link/Support tutor. Therefore, you need to make an appointment to see one of these who will discuss your position. If you are an international student, you must see an international compliance officer before this appointment so that you are clear on how a period of interruption will affect your visa status. If an interruption period is granted, you will be required to complete the Interruption of Studies Form with the advisor.

When are my exams?

The formal summer examinations will be held during:

Monday 20th May to Friday 31st May 2019

You can find your own personal exam timetable via Student Record Management, using the Examination Timetable tab. This will give the details of when your exams are and the room location.

What if I’m late or can’t make an exam?

All examinations start promptly at the advertised time. We will normally admit you to the examination room 10 minutes before the Start Time shown on your examination timetable, so you should arrive at least 15 minutes before your exam is due to start. In order to avoid disrupting students who have already started their exam, late comers will only be allowed entry into the exam hall up to 10 minutes after the examination has begun.

If you are unable to attend an examination (e.g. due to illness or other valid mitigating circumstances), you should email an explanation of why you were unable to attend to within two weeks of the examination date. Normally, the request will only be granted if you supply suitable evidence, such as a medical certificate.

When is my end of year results released and where do I view them?

End of year results are released on the following dates:

Level H (Year 3 and Year 4 QTS) – Tuesday 25th June 2019
Level I (Year 2) – Wednesday 26th June 2019
Level C (Year 1) – Thursday 27th June 2019
Level M (Post Graduate Taught) – Friday 28th June 2019
PGCE (including Schools Direct) – Monday 8th July 2019

Firstly, an overall summary will be sent to your University email account, from after approximately 8.00am on your results day. This will give you the “big picture” [eg whether you have passed or failed overall, and whether you have any resits to do].

Secondly, the agreed marks and grades for all your assessments will be uploaded to the Student Record Management facility on MyHope. If you have passed, these details will be available by around 2.00pm. If you have not passed, the details will be available as soon as you have opened the email giving you the overall summary.

What do I do if my marks are missing or I don’t understand them?

The results on MyHope reflect exactly what has been entered by your Faculty. Therefore, if you think a mark is missing or incorrect, please contact your Faculty/Department Office in the first instance.

In general, the opportunities available to you will depend upon your aggregate mark for the subject, the reason for your fail, the severity of your fail, and whether your fail was on the initial attempt. For more advice on Understanding your Degree, click here.

When are the re-assessments?

Re-assessment coursework is due on Monday 15th July and re-assessment examinations will take place in week commencing 19th August 2019. Results will be published on Tuesday 10th September 2019 for undergraduates and Tuesday 17th September 2019 for postgraduate courses.

How do I lodge an appeal?

We advise you to look at the Appeals Procedure that is listed in the Academic Appeals section of this webpage. 

In the first instance, it is advisable to contact your Faculty or Departmental Office to seek advice from a Senior Academic Adviser. If your Senior Academic Adviser cannot resolve the matter informally, you must complete an Intention to Appeal Form to confirm your grounds of appeal and email this to, no later than the earlier of;

(a) 10 working days after the publication or the Board's decision or
(b) 5 working days before the conferment of the award.

You should also take advice from the Student Union. You can also obtain an Intention to Appeal Form from the Gateway to Hope Reception Desk.

When is graduation and where do I find out more information about how to order gowns and photos?

The summer Graduation Ceremonies will take place at the Anglican Cathedral, in Liverpool, on 16th – 18th July 2019. To find out what day you are graduating, please click here for the Split of Days.

PGCE celebrations will be held at Hope Chapel on Friday 12th July 2019.

Once you are a final year student, you will be sent a Graduation Task to your SRM. This will be sent about two months before Graduation and asks you to confirm if you will be attending the ceremony or not. All graduands are allocated two guest tickets, in addition to your own, which are collected on the morning of the ceremony.

Further information about graduation (the order of the day, the ceremony, gown hire, photography, booking lunch, etc) can be found on our Graduation webpage.

How do I obtain my certificate and/or record of grades received?

If you are due to graduate, you will receive your Certificate at the ceremony. Your Higher Education Achievement Report (or HEAR transcript) will be sent out electronically to your Hope email by the end of August 2019. Please note that if you are being conferred in absentia, your certificate will be posted out to you by recorded delivery within four weeks of the ceremony date.

If you withdraw from the university before the end of the course, you may be entitled to an intermediate certificate depending on the credits you gained. Intermediate certificates are sent out twice a year so you will receive this within six months of your leaving the course. If you would like further information about this, please contact us.

For all other requests for transcripts, replacement certificates or certified copy of your qualification, please visit the Online Store.

What are the official term dates and when can I take holidays?

The Academic Calendar gives key information about term dates, vacation dates and graduation dates. Where possible, they also indicate the timing of other key events such as formal examinations, re-assessments and results release.

For 2018/9 dates, please click here for Academic Calendars.

Contact us

For further information, please contact the Department Office:

Liverpool Hope Student Administration
T: 0151 291 3331

Available Monday to Friday, 8.30am-5pm.