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How can I obtain a copy of my degree certificate and transcript?

You can now apply for a replacement certificate or copies of your transcript from our Online Store payment services

Which credit/debit cards are accepted on the online payment service?

The University accepts Visa, Mastercard, UK Maestro and UK Solo.

Can I order documents if I have an outstanding account with the University?

If you owe money/materials to the University (i.e., if your account has been placed on financial hold), we will not prepare your documents until your account is cleared. We will inform you if there is a problem with your account.

Do I need to provide identification?

Once your order is completed and paid for online. You will need to provide identification e.g. passport, driving licence or birth certificate. (If your name has changed since the time of your study, we will also require proof of your original name (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate or deed poll).

What results will show on my transcript?

Current Students still studying on course, the transcript will only show confirmed results and therefore, any provisional results for courses you are currently studying will not show.

Past Students who completed a degree course will be issued a full academic transcript for the subjects they have completed.

Students who withdrew from the course will be issued with a transcript for the subjects they have completed.

Can my transcript be sent to different addresses if I order more than one copy?

Yes. If you require documents to be sent to a different address, please send a follow-up email to

My transcript order is for the WES (World Education Services). What do I need to do?

In order to process your application the University requires a copy of your Academic Records Request Form with your WES Reference Number.  Please scan this document on completion of your order to  Your transcript and WES Academic Records Request Form will be posted directly to the WES, in line with their instructions.

What is a Diploma Supplement?

The Diploma Supplement contains more detailed information about your programme of study If you require a diploma supplement you can order a copy from our Online Store payment service.  Prior to 2009 the Diploma Supplement was not available, past students can order a transcript

Can my certified copies be sent to a different address, if I order more than one copy?

Yes. If you require more than one certified copy to be sent to a different addresses, please send a follow-up email to You will need to pay the extra postage cost for each document posted.

Will I receive a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)?

If you are graduating from Liverpool Hope University; you will automatically be issued with an electronic Higher Education Achievement Report. This will be sent to your Hope email account approximately six weeks after your graduation. This is an extended transcript.

Prior to 2014, the HEAR Report was not available,  past students can order a transcript or diploma supplement from our Online Store payment service

Can I order additional copies of my degree certificate?

No. There can only be one original certificate in circulation at any one time.  You may request a replacement if you have lost or damaged your original certificate.  

If you have your degree certificate, you can order a certified copy from our Online Store payment service. You will need to provide one photocopy of your certificate for the University to certify as a true copy to

Can you provide a letter confirming my award for immigration/employment (e.g. for countries such as Qatar)?

We can provide you with a detailed bespoke letter confirming your award.  Please order your letter from our Online Store payment service.  There is an administration charge for this service.

Your letter will contain the following detailed information:

  • Degree title
  • Mode of study (part-time or full-time)
  • Dates of study
  • Location of study
  • Location of exams
  • Face to face learning

What is a student Status letter?

A student status letter is proof of your current enrolment.  You can obtain this letter by contacting the Gateway Building Reception Desk in person or telephone 0151 291 3813.

How will my documentation be posted?

You will asked to select your option for postage

Postage charges (Online Store)

Option 1. UK 1st Class Recorded Delivery - £3,60

Option 2. Overseas 1st Class International Airsure - £9.60

Collect: You may collect your document from the Gateway Reception Desk, Hope Park (free of charge).

Can I place an order for documentation via telephone or in person?

This service is no longer available, but we will of course by happy to deal with any queries that you may have via the following contact details.

In person or via post:

Student Administration

Gateway Building

Liverpool Hope University

Hope Park


L16 9JD

By telephone on +44(0)151 291 3331

By fax on +44(0)151 291 3048

By e-mail on