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These Programme Regulations govern a specific type of taught Degree or Certificate programme. Each set explains key terminology, summarises key elements such as the structure of the curriculum and the duration of study and refers, as appropriate, to the relevant sections of the Assessment Regulations. To view a set of regulations, click on the title.

Integrated Masters Awards including Placement and Foundation Year

Bachelors Awards with Foundation Year

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Bachelors Degrees [except 4 year BA QTS]

PGCE Primary (applicable from October 2019)

PGCE Secondary

Taught Postgraduate Programmes EXCEPT PGCE

International Postgraduate Certificate

iProfessional graduate Certificate AND iProfessional Certificate Regulations

BA QTS [4-year programme]


Guidelines about Duration of Study in Taught Postgraduate Programmes

Guidelines about Curriculum and Research Methods in Masters Degrees