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Mental Health & Well-being

University life for students can be very demanding and getting used to a new environment can often be difficult. Stress factors such as moving away from home, academic demands and financial worries can all impact on students’ mental well-being.

Mental health can be described as your own personal sense of well-being. Similar to physical health, your sense of well-being can fluctuate and is sometimes better than at other times.  However, despite it affecting everybody and being a normal part of life, people are often reluctant to talk about their mental health. 

The University provides support for students who may be experiencing any form mental health difficulty. The Mental Health and Well-being Adviser based in Student Development and Well-being will ensure that you are appropriately supported throughout your time here with us to make sure you get the most from your university experience.

For further information, please read our Mental Health and Well-Being Leaflet