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The Service and Leadership Award

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The Service and Leadership Award was launched in September 2008 and is closely linked to the work of the University’s overseas educational activity, Global Hope.

The award builds upon over 25 years of engaging staff and students as volunteers with Hope’s community partners, both local and overseas. The award is an extra-curricular programme and has been designed to recognize the value of service work and provides students with appropriate preparatory, reflective and leadership training. The Service and Leadership Award promotes global citizenship and is a way of engaging students with issues of social justice. It is a direct enhancement to a degree and is suitable for students who want to make a difference to society.

The Liverpool Hope Service and Leadership Award is offered as an extra-curricular programme involving service-based experiences, development of leadership potential and the equipping of students for a career in a rapidly changing world. It is a direct enhancement to a degree, i.e. something which is complimentary but different and which has a distinct ‘value-added’ component. It is for those who particularly want to make a difference in this world, to be involved in the development of a moral and ethical society and to gain an understanding of social justice.

The award runs alongside student’s degree and gives recognition of service work they have performed. The award is structured with carefully with leadership training, preparation for their service work and reflection on their experiences as compulsory elements. The main part of the award is the service itself. Students undertake a wide variety of service work, within the University, in the local community, serving Northwest region or national organisations and in some cases on our range of international ‘Global Hope’ projects.

In the light of the mission and values of Hope, this award is significant because it:

  • addresses international issues and globalisation
  • recognises the real interest by many students in voluntary service and working overseas
  • opens up opportunities offered by our local and overseas partnerships to all students
  • fully capitalises on our academic portfolio and staff expertise
  • gives added value and skills to a degree and enhances employability values leadership skills
  • is valued by employers
  • values real life experiences - experiential learning being seen as an integral part of a students undergraduate programme
  • places emphasis on student initiative.

Download this year's (SALA) Guide

All the details about the award and what you need to attend are on the My Careers Centre (MCC), accessed through My Hope and :

  • On the MCC page, click on the SALA button and you will see a copy of the handbook
  • Register for SALA by clicking on Section One
  • Upload all the details about your voluntary work and events that you've attended
  • Upload your reflections the MCC.

There are core training elements Volunteering and Health & Safety, Cultural Awareness, Equality & Diversity, Leadership and Personal & Professional Reflection which you must attend and you will also need to choose and attend three skill development activities. Details of all of these can be found on the Events Calendar on MCC where you can register your attendance. Alternatively, you can complete some of the Careers Assessment activities on MCC, including building your CV.