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Future Finance

Future Finance are please to announce the launch of the Future Finance Scholarship Programme, offering ambitous postgraduate student a chance to apply for a £20,000 scholarship to cover tuition and cost of living.

The scholarship Programme is open to UK residents who are commencing a postgraduate degree starting in 2019.  For more details on the Scholarship, please click below for our information leaflet. 

More Information 

Future Finance are keen to drive awareness of the Scholarship Programme and reach as many deserving applicants as possible prior to the deadline on Friday 14th June 2019.


SFE Postgraduate Master's Loan applications are now open for 2019/20

The Student Finance England Postgraduate Master's application services for AY2019/20 is now open.  Please apply online as soon as possible to ensure that your funding is approved in time for the start of the course


Reminder on Repayment


Remember, as of April 2019 the current thresholds for repayment for all Plan 2 loans has increased to £25,725 a year(or £2,143 a month or £494 a week). More information is available online here


Students who have accessed a postgraduate loan could enter into repayment for the first time in April 2019. The repayment threshold for postgraduate loans remains at £21,000 and is repaid concurrently with any undergraduate loans. Additional information is available online here


Current year income assessment

Has your income dropped. If the current household income has dropped by 15% or more since the tax year details the SLC have asked for in the student finance application, the student's parents or partner can ask us to use an estimate of their income for this year. Further information is available online here 


Parents Campaign - help when supporting an application

A new campaign page is now available on GOV.UK to help inform and help parents to support their childs's student finance application. This new page is available now, and can be accessed or linked to at


Welsh 2019/20 full-time application service now open

The Student Finance Wales full-time undergraduate application service for AY 2019/20 is now open. Students should apply online at

The deadline for submitting applications to ensure funding is received in time for course start dates are. 

7th June for continuing students

Student don't need a confirmed place at university they can use their prefered choice of course and simply update the details online if they need to.


2019/20 Full-Time application service now open 

The Student Finance England full-time undergraduate applications service for AY 2019/20 is now open. Student should apply online at

The deadline for submitting applications to ensure funding is received in time for course start dates are:

21st June for Continuing Students

The advice is to apply as early as possible in case there are any problems with your application.

Scotland and Northern Ireland application Service will follow in March at a date yet to be announced.

Please be aware that the application process has changed as from AY 2019/20 students will not be automatically rolled over. They will be required to submit their application on the GOV.UK website.


Current Year Income (CYI) Assessements

As SFE are now taking applications, this is an ideal time to share new guidance that may help you with your applications for financial assessment.

Remember means-tested students starting in September 2019 will be financially assessed on your sponsors income from tax year ending April 2018.

SFE must ensure that these financial assessments are fair, accurate and reflective of the houshold situation. So, if the overall household income for your household has dropped significantly (by 15% or more) since April 2018, you can make use of the Current Year Income(CYI) Assessment.

SFE have created details guidance on these - the guide details eligibility, step-by-step application advice and key messages for student and sponsors. You can find the guidance here 


Warning about Money Laundering 

You may be aware that the National Economic Crime Centre (NECC), a new unit established to tackle economic crime, has acted today to freeze 95 bank accounts of students attending UK universities. These accounts are suspected of being used in significant money laundering operations.

 Many of the accounts are held by overseas students who may be unaware that operating a bank account in this manner is potentially illegal. Officers from the NECC assess that the students are likely to have been targeted by organised crime groups, specifically to launder the proceeds of crime. 

 “Universities UK has been informed of this action, which will help to raise awareness of the risks of money laundering. The security and welfare of students is always a top priority for universities. We would be concerned if any student studying at a UK university has been exploited and unwittingly drawn into criminal activity. Equally, we recognise the seriousness of this issue and the sector’s responsibility to make all students aware of the consequences of involvement in criminal activity. 

 “The message to students is to remain vigilant and question anything that seems unusual. We would encourage any student who fears their account may have been misused to speak to either their university support services, banks, or to the police.