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Accommodation help

If you're living in accommodation and you need help with something, our teams are here to help. See below for contact information whenever you need us.

Report a repair

To report a repair, please go to the Estates webpages and choose the option 'Log a job with Estates' in the red box on the right hand side of the page. You only have to register once and can then report items throughout the year using the report form.

If the matter is urgent and the office is closed you can report repairs to the Security Staff on the campus where your accommodation is located. Tradesmen will only be called out after 5:00 PM and at weekends in the case of flood, leaks, loss of heating or power and the malfunction of showers and toilets.

Please do not report repairs to Security during the day, or to the Senior Resident Tutors or Cleaning Staff at any time.

Replacing a key

If you lose the key to your room, you can purchase a replacement key for £35/£45 from the Accommodation Office (Estates Office, behind the Hilda Constance Building). If you do not have sufficient funds at the time, the cost can be added to your student account.

If you lose your key when the office is closed, Security Staff will let you into your room as long as you can show them your Student ID card.

Moving rooms

The university actively discourages room moves however it accepts that on occasion moves may be unavoidable. Such situations will be considered on a case by case basis and will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. For further information please refer to the room transfer policy.

Kitchen User Guides

Download a copy of our Appliance User Guides to ensure that you know how to operate the oven, refrigerator and other electrical items in your kitchen.

Important Contact Information

For enquiries, minor problems, noise issues or urgent repairs

Hope Park - 0151 291 3520

Aigburth Park - 0151 727 7262

Creative Campus - 0151 291 3939

In an Emergency

Hope Park - 0151 291 3800

Aigburth Park - 0151 727 7262 or 07736 106185

Creative Campus - 0151 291 3939

Medical Emergencies

Hopefully the situation will never arise, but if you need medical help call Security as above. The staff there will be able to connect you with the emergency service you need.

Do not call emergency services yourself as they may be refused access to the campus.

If you feel ill or have a minor accident

GP - you should have registered with a GP when you arrived at Liverpool Hope — if you haven't already done so, please do this as soon as possible. Information and advice is available from Student Development and Well-being (0151 291 3427).

A&E - there is an A&E department at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, Prescot Street, L7 8XP.