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Support in Halls

You have come away to University and moved into a Hall of Residence. Though those closest to you will never be far away you have taken an important new step of independence in your life. Each Hall of Residence is not simply a place where you may eat and sleep but a community and a place of belonging. Liverpool Hope University is different from most places of Higher Education as it proposes an explicit and intentional approach to student formation. This moment in your life is a key time of transition when you may leave behind old ways of understanding, a time to try out new forms of identity and you will no doubt encounter peers experiences may be different from your own. Your first year at Liverpool Hope is a foundation to help you grow and develop.

The University helps students to be formed, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Residential life and starting a degree course is not simply about developing your intellectual skills, however crucial this is, but also developing your character and being a person who after graduation will be inclined to serve the common good. Enjoy your time in Halls and take every opportunity to get involved in all the activities including Service and Leadership Awards, Global Hope and societies that campus life brings you. It is a time to make new friends, to be part of a community, to grow as a person and to begin to discover your purpose in life.

As you live on campus you will find that Hope academic staff, support staff, administration, chaplains, security staff and Senior Resident Tutors all work together to help and support you through your time with us. 


Residential Life team

Dr Wendy Bignold, Associate Dean (International) & Head of Residential Life manages the Senior Resident Tutors. She has responsibility for the pastoral care of resident students and seeks to provide a positive environment for those in Halls to have a rounded education intellectually, socially and spiritually so that there is a firm foundation to build on for future development throughout your time at Liverpool Hope. You can contact Wendy at:


T: 0151 291 3017


Ruairi Cousins

RLC - Residential Life Coordinator 

Hope Park

Oliver Crawford

SRT - Senior Resident Tutor 

Hope Park

Amy Mckenzie

SRT - Senior Resident Tutor 

Hope Park

Kyle Carruthers

SRT - Senior Resident Tutor 

Hope Park

Daniel Goodman

SRT - Senior Resident Tutor 

Hope Park

Laurence Stouph

SRT - Senior Resident Tutor 

Aigburth Park

Faye Sharpe

SRT - Senior Resident Tutor 

Aigburth Park

Rebekka Jolly

SRT - Senior Resident Tutor 

Creative Campus

Sarah Gundry

RA - Residential Assistant 

Creative Campus

Attila Olah

RA - Residential Assistant 

Hope Park

Elanor Kasikis

RA - Residential Assistant 

Hope Park

Pranay Raj Shakya

RA - Residential Assistant 

Hope Park


Hall Managers

Each campus also has a Hall Manager who is responsible for working with the Senior Resident Tutors to coordinate the residential life of the campus. These are:


Dr Wendy Bignold 

Hope Park

Maureen Caldwell

Aigburth Park

Neil Campbell

Creative Campus


Hall Patrons

You will notice in each Hall of Residence an image and a biography of your Hall patron. These are saints and holy men and women down the ages who offer inspiration to our own time today. They represent the wider Christian family that each Hall community belongs to (e.g. Teresa Hall is named after Saint Mother Teresa who is a shining example of self-sacrifice in service of God and others). 



The Chaplains are on hand to listen, to support and provide social and spiritual opportunities for resident, non-resident students and staff alike. The Chaplains may visit you in your Halls and will be a friendly face around campus. The Chaplaincy is a lively place to go to, why not take advantage of the £1 lunch each Monday and find out more that is going on. You can contact the Chaplains by emailing or calling 0151 291 3545.


Social Events

You will receive a copy of the induction week social events on arrival. During term time, along with formal social occasions, there are many informal events that you can join in with or help arrange for your Hall and your campus. You can take part in activities such as trips off campus, social events, performances and film screenings; each Hall at Hope Park can host a social event in ‘Our Place’ when you can arrange a themed night for other Halls to enjoy. Similar nights can be arranged at other campuses, such as students organising performances at the Creative Campus. Student events will feature on the Hope Social page. 

Fearless. Hopes Creative Search will run with heats at all three campuses with a special night of entertainment as the finale. Throughout the first year, students will attend formal dinners called ‘Gala Dinners’ which you can help to plan. There will also be other opportunities for you to get involved in a campus fitness programme, lessons in how to cook affordable meals and also to learn skills.


Campus Services

Campus Services are a team of 33 made up of both male and female staff.  This includes 4 Campus Managers, 1 Halls Manager, 2 weekend Duty Managers and 26 Campus Officers, who work together to meet the various needs of each Campus throughout the University.  

The Campus Services team is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year, whose aim is to provide a safe and secure environment for students, staff and visitors – Campus Officers are trained in all aspects of Health and Safety, including First Aid, and Fire Evacuation procedures. Campus Officers can provide support on a one to one basis when required.


Typical working hours of Campus Services Managers are as follows;

Based at Hope Park Campus weekdays

7:00 am to 3:00 pm Campus Manager: Les Vidamour

3:00 pm to 11:00 pm Campus Manager: John Berry

11:00 pm to 7:00 am Campus Manager: Ray Kelly 

Duty Managers are available at Weekends. 


Based at Creative Campus (Everton) weekdays 

8:00 am to 4:00 pm Campus Manager: Steve Foran


Based at Aigburth Park weekdays

9:00 am to 5:00 pm Halls Manager: Maureen Caldwell


Security Lodges 

Each campus has a purpose built Security Lodge at the entrance to the Campus, this is the point of contact for visitors and any enquiries.  This is also the first point of contact for any emergency services such as Fire, Police or Ambulance.  This also houses the CCTV which is continually monitored 24/7 for all student accommodation, campus buildings and car parks.

Living Sustainably

‘Student Switch Off’ and ’Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ are two practical ways that you can contribute to the common good this year. The Halls of Residence are competing to save energy and there will be a celebration event at the end of the year for the Hall that has saved the most energy.  Four ways to save
energy are: put a lid on your pans; switch off lights and appliances; don’t overfill the kettle and wear another layer of clothing rather than turning on
the heating.

Liverpool Hope University has a ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ project which aims to reduce the number of reusable items going to landfill across Merseyside. At the end of your time in Halls, there will be collection points for stationery and books, pots and pans, crockery and cutlery, frames, rugs, bedding, clothes etc.


Disciplinary Matters 

Red Card

The University follows a policy of issuing a Red Card to students as a formal warning if their conduct is anti-social or breaches the Code of Discipline and/or the Accommodation Contract. These red cards will be issued by Campus Operatives or Senior Resident Tutors. This is an automatic instruction to meet the University Proctor who deals with student discipline. Such misconduct includes vandalism, smoking in undesignated areas, use or possession of illegal substances, having unauthorised visitors and anti-social behaviour towards other students or staff. These will not be tolerated.

Mr Derrick Dykins is the Head of Committees and University Proctor and has a responsibility to act in regard to resident student conduct. A student who has been issued with a Red Card will meet Mr Derrick Dykins, he will investigate the matter and, where appropriate, help the student to amend their behaviour so as to create a harmonious place to live for other students. Breaches of the Code of Discipline or Accommodation Contract may result in a fine, community service or in more serious incidents exclusion from Halls.


Guest Policy

To comply with fire regulations and to develop each Hall as a safe place for all students overnight visitors are not allowed. Students are only allowed guests overnight by arrangement with the Accommodation Office who will allocate a room at a small charge. All visitors must sign in at the relevant Security Lodge when arriving on Campus. You are responsible for the conduct of your guests and if guests are causing a nuisance to others they will be asked to leave the campus by a Campus Operative or Senior Resident Tutor. You will receive a Red Card if you are found with an overnight visitor in your flat/bed room.



You must not exhibit any behaviour (for example, loud music, shouting or rowdiness) which may cause a nuisance to other residents in the Halls or neighbours in the local community. Remember that people need to study and sleep is imperative to this. Other people may have a different pattern to study than your own. From 11 pm to 7 am you are asked to keep noise levels to a minimum. Campus Operatives may come to your residence to ask you to keep the noise to a low level. They will come because there has been a complaint made to them from other resident students. When attending a noise complaint a verbal warning will be issued. If the issue persists a Red Card will be issued.