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Psychology, Action & Learning of Movement Research

Our research group explores a number of different areas including sport psychology, motor control and learning, and coaching and sport pedagogy. In principle, we are interested in the psychological and sensorimotor processes that guide human movement.

We explore these interests using a variety of research tools: Magstim 200 TMS; ASL Mobile Eye XG, Vicon motion capture, Delysys Trigno Wireless EMG). In addition, we house EyeLink 1000/2000 and 64-channel EEG within the Psychology labs.


  • Caroline Wakefield
  • James Roberts
  • Liam Owens
  • Simon Kawycz
  • Stefan Koehn

Graduate students:

  • Johnny Parr
  • Stephanie Romano-Smith
  • Phillip Simmonds
  • Darren Dodge

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James Roberts