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Psychology, Action, and Learning of Movement Research Group (PALM)

This research group was formed in 2017 to collectively explore and incorporate areas surrounding human movement science, exercise psychology, sport coaching, talent identification/development, and physical education pedagogy. The group is comprised of faculty members with expertise in each of the said areas. In addition, postgraduate students that are undertaking research surrounding these areas are invited to the group during their time of study.

The principle aims of the group are: (1) to allow members to share ideas and find common themes within each other’s work; (2) present their work (eg conference presentations, postgraduate viva voce preparation, etc) for peer review; (3) identify long-term research strategies; and (4) collaborate with external sporting bodies on applied research.

Current members include:

Dr Robin Owen (Group Lead)

Professor Caroline Wakefield

Dr Stefan Koehn

Mr Liam Owens

Mr Simon Kawycz

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Dr Robin Owen