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Memberships and Facility Booking

Facility booking

The safety of our staff and members is our main priority and in order to welcome you safely we have made necessary changes and introduced appropriate measures by consulting with the relevant governing bodies.

All of our activites will now require a pre-booking, this includes the fitness suite.

Some of the main changes and safety measures we have introduced in readiness for re-opening are:

  • Phased reopening of facility areas and the return of services in a controlled, managebale way.
  • A reconfiguration of our main reception area and the Fitness Suite in order to ensure social distancing is maintained and areas do not become overcrowded or congested.
  • Signage is up around the facilities to inform you of the safety measures and guidance.
  • Increased number of hand sanitiser stations have been placed around the facilities
  • Additional cleaning throughout the facilitiy particularly high touch points
  • More cleaning stations have been placed inside the fitness suite
  • A pre-booking system has been introduced for all activities, including the fitness suite, to control and manage attendance numbers in accordance to the reduced maximum capacity numbers for operating safely.
  • Unless you have made a pre-booking you should not travel to the sports facilities, all queries and pre-bookings will be done so by telephone.
  • Fitness Suite bookings will be in 1 hour slots, a maximum of 15 people can book onto the slot which will reduce the risk of congestion and overcrowding.
  • Reduced participation numbers will be placed on all activities indoors and outdoors in line with the industry guidance and to ensure safety and social distancing measures are followed.
  • Staggered times of arrival for activities and the fitness suite have been introduced to reduce the risk of large numbers arriving together and to allow for essential cleaning to take place.

We are constantly checking government guidance and so if any changes are made we will keep you updated.

If you need to make a pre-booking or have a query, call 0151 291 2911

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