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The International Hub is a drop-in centre for international students, situated at the heart of the Hope Park Campus and is dedicated to ensuring that International students can fulfil their dreams of overseas study.

This section covers all aspects of the 'International Journey' so look for the section you need below and click on the title to access further information.


The International Hub offers personal support before and after you arrive - the things we can help with include the arrival and registration processes, opening a bank account, help and advice with issues such as learning support, finances, mental health, physical health and travel arrangements.

We are also here to support you throughout your studies and you are welcome to call in to see us at the Hub on the first floor of the Gateway Building at Hope Park. You don't need an appointment - just call in to discuss anything that is bothering you, or just to tell us your news or have a chat. We are open from 9.15am to 4.45pm, Monday to Friday. 

Letters and forms you may need

As a Visa-holder you may need permission to do certain things, such as leave the UK or work more than 20 hours. The International Hub or Gateway Service Desk can provide these for you.

Letters you may need:

  • status letter
  • travel letter (for term-time travel)
  • confirmation of work hours for employers
  • graduation visitors’ support letter.

Getting to know Liverpool

Visit our Living in Liverpool pages for further info on the city, and download our Student Guide to Living in Liverpool.

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