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Culture sport and shopping

Study Abroad and Exchange students have an exciting shared programme that includes both academic and a 'personal development' strand. This page describes the various parts of the programme and how teaching and extra-curricular activities are combined to make an exciting and varied experience for our international students.

During your 12-week Study Abroad or Exchange experience, you will benefit from a range of activities, designed to challenge you, build self-confidence and self-esteem and develop your team and leadership skills. We also encourage you to reflect on your personal life goals and how your UK experience has affected these.

The teaching weeks

You have nine weeks of timetabled classes per program, including a Reflective Week in the middle of term. You are expected to fully engage with classes, maintain good attendance and be committed to gaining the best marks that you are capable of.

The Reflective Week will include activities set by the Global Centre and will typically include a two night residential trip to our outdoor centre in Wales, called Plas Caerdeon (see below). You will also have a few days to work on your assignments.

The Contemporary Britain course

Contemporary Britain is a compulsory 15-credit course offered by the School of Humanities and includes an in-depth introduction to life in the UK and its culture and politics. The credits for this course are part of your programme's 60-credit load.

There will be two classes per week and each week will be on a different topic. The first class of the week will be based on the UK in general and the second will use the same topic, focusing on Liverpool in particular.

You can expect to hear about cultural identity; British pop culture; how the British are depicted in film and drama; and the impact of the music industry on British culture. You will also explore British opinion on politics and British institutions such as the Welfare State and the National Health Service.

Contemporary Britain will be taught by Liverpool Hope academic staff and promises to be a fascinating insight into the heart of the UK, leaving you with a better understanding and knowledge of your temporary home.

Poster Presentations

The Contemporary Britain course assessment will be in the form of a shared poster presentation. You will be guided through the process of working in teams to produce a digital poster on a particular theme, researching the topic and developing your own ideas on the theme.

Most students prefer a digital presentation, but we can supply materials for a manual poster if you prefer.

This task is intended to develop your research skills and show your understanding of British culture, gained through the course. You will present to Tutors and other staff and explain the main themes in your poster, developing both team working skills and confidence in public speaking.

Plas Caerdeon

During Reflective Week (one week break in classes but not a holiday), we will take you by coach to the heart of the Snowdonia National Park in Wales. You will stay at the University's outdoor centre, based in a historical mansion house, located in outstandingly beautiful Welsh countryside.

This is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen existing friendships and build new ones, while trying out new skills. You may be slightly challenged by the activities on offer, but this is about trying something new and being proud of your achievements. 

During the two-night residential trip you will be invited to take part in some outdoor activities, designed to be both fun and challenging - typically you may be taking part in archery, raft building, kayaking, rock climbing, walking or zip wire, or possibly a gorge walk or slate mine exploration. There will always be a choice of activities and no-one is forced to do anything they are not comfortable with.

There will be fun quizzes and free time to play pool and hang out in the evenings. All food, travel and accommodation costs are included in the fee package, so there is nothing extra to pay.

You will be accompanied by staff from the Global Centre and will usually visit a historic castle or a Welsh town on the way home.

Please note that rooms in Plas Caerdeon are shared dorms with shared bathrooms. If you have a cultural, religious or personal reason for needing a single room, please ask the Global Centre staff for a single room - this may be in a different location to the dorms.

The Certificate in Service and Leadership

The CSL is an award earned by completing a volunteering project in the Liverpool community and aims to promote global citizenship and raise awareness of social justice through service to the community.

Students benefit through the development of essential skills and by having the opportunity to meet members of the local community in a safe environment.

This is a compulsory element of the shared programme and may challenge some of your perceptions about yourself and the UK. Past students who have been worried or even reluctant to partake in this have all said that it was a positive experience and taught them a lot about themselves. Some say that it was the best part of the whole experience - but you have to try it to find out!

We have several volunteering partners in the local community, so you will have a choice of projects, or you can find your own.

There are four easy steps to achieving the award:

  • choose your volunteering project from the list provided (or find your own)
  • sign up with the chosen charity and attend any training provided
  • watch three online self-development workshops from the list provided
  • complete a minimum of 12 hours of volunteering

You will be awarded a certificate showing your name and confirming that you completed the award - this can be a useful addition to your CV and an interesting 'conversation starter' with potential employers, who always like candidates who have done something different.

We will introduce you to our volunteering partners during the orientation programme, so you will be able to get started straight away.

Off-campus trips

As part of the orientation programme, you will be invited to attend a local walking tour to get to know the neighbourhood where you live and a city tour by public transport. This will introduce you to Liverpool's vibrant cultural and shopping areas, including the Cathedrals, the River Mersey and Docklands area, museums and galleries and the shopping centre.

The Global Centre can organise optional full-day coach trips to places further afield, allowing you to see a place of cultural interest of natural beauty, such as the Lake District or York. If you have somewhere that you would like to visit, please let us know. The cost will be in the region of £50 per person, with a minimum of 25 participants required to cover the cost of the coach.