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Study Abroad at Liverpool Hope

Liverpool Hope University welcomes students from across the U.S. to study with us for a single semester or a full academic year. We are a liberal arts university with a proud tradition of over 165 years in higher education. You will be welcomed into a community of around 7,500 students where the average class size is 20 students and professors know students by name. 

Why study at Liverpool Hope University?

Liverpool the city has recently celebrated its 800th birthday. It’s one of the UK’s most popular student cities with some 60,000 students at the last count. Students find the city welcoming; it’s an exciting and safe environment to live, study and enjoy.

Liverpool has a wealth of cultural offerings with more museums and art galleries than any other city in the U.K outside London, as well as world-class concert halls, theatres and a vibrant music scene. For those looking for something different Liverpool is also home to two of the most successful football (soccer) teams in Europe: Liverpool and Everton, and a wealth of nightlife and shopping! There are also countless sports activities to get involved in. 

Why study in Liverpool?

There are many reasons to study at Liverpool Hope University; follow the links on this website and you will find just a few of them. You'll also find some other useful information on this site, such as details on obtaining a visa, practicalities of studying at Hope, staff contact information, course information and our Study Abroad Flyer .

If you have any questions then please email